THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread


She's on Team Delta. Delta and George turned for her. I assume the other two coaches understand music more.
I just listened to it, a shame it had to be so short, because it cut down on the brilliance of the song. Still, an outstanding vocal performance that did justice to a wonderful song.


Here to Reign™ with Luke👑
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Anyone watching Super Switch on 7? I've just discovered it on catch up.
Absolutely nobody - got just 300k viewers on it's premiere and already been cut to one episode a week, and can't see that lasting long it ratings don't improve.
301 including me😂
I watched it too, as I'm not watching House Rules this time and there's nothing else on. It's trashy though.
Yes, it's terrible, but watchable!
People just don't appreciate the trashier things in life. In all seriousness though I'm surprised it didn't rate that well. How is this brand of trash and different from all the others that have done so well.

It is just a re-jig of Seven Year Switch yes?


Doctor Who. If you give more weight to the Doctor as the lead character, but still count the companions as co-leads, it's arguably about 60% female now. But it always was at least 50%, the BBC is more progressive. Blake's 7 always had 3 out of 7 (humanoid) female leads.

Wentworth is about 95%.