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THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread


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Can I recommend a show on the SBS next Wednesday night. “Christians like us” follows the format of last year’s Muslims like us. Ten Christians of different theological backgrounds share a house for a week or so. One of them is my very good friend Tiffany. She and I did all our priest training together. She and I share many of the same beliefs and ideals - and she’s usually pretty entertaining too.
I will be leading a Bible Study myself and probably won’t catch up with it until Thursday.


Thanks for the heads up @qtkt awesome your friend is in a show, and I love this kind of show.
Watched a little of the muslim one and meant to catch up.......will still try to, bits I saw they were fighting between Muslims in a chat group, they all had different versions and rules.

My boss is going to be on 4Corners soon, about now tight bail and ivo breaches laws, and re Melb terrorists brother
They might cut him out though, he tends to be kind of boring, :(

Is everyone watching the 2 part doco about PaulineHansons' crook One Nation and their love affair with the gun lobby in USA????

Catch up part 1, this is unmissable
rivetting real life tv at it's best. Part 2 tonight.
One N should be charged with treason and banned from politics, they are sickand stupid


Woopee, my favourite show is back...........with 3 episodes, wooo

Schitt's Creek
'Dead Guy In Room 4'
ABC Comedy/Kids, 9:15pm, Mon, 1 Apr 2019, 20 minutes
While Moira fears she is responsible for the death of a motel guest, David and Patrick decide to make their budding romance official.

Series, 2018, United Kingdom, English, Comedy, Season 4 Episode 1

Schitt's Creek ‘Pregnancy Test’
ABC Comedy/Kids
Schitt's Creek ‘Asbestos Fest’
ABC Comedy/Kids


Lego.....is a watch a bit of the beginning for the task,and then come back for the last 10 mins show
Blowing up Lego was fun last night, at the end of course, the rest = I made dinner


Manu - is a big hammy circus performer, a oddball man of many talents, and i think he prefers all that razzamatzz

This is on NOW....

Brit version/original is on now, looksfab

Strictly Come Dancing
10 Peach, 8:30pm, Fri, 10 May 2019, 120 minutes
Celebrities take to the dance floor to perform a dazzling display of ballroom routines.

Series, United Kingdom, English, Entertainment, Dance


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Celebrity Name Game looks like it will be a good show. TV guide lists which celebrities for each episode.

Can safely say I won't be watching Wednesday night. Don't want to see Angie and Yvie.