The Block


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Liked the boys room. Ronny and Georgia were fuming, think they relied too heavily on their high ceilings, agree with judges, WIR too small.
Well deserved win for the boys. I can’t remember, last year did the team who used the hi-pages lever always win that week?

I’m so not interested in this cheating scandal. If Scotty had the order on a whiteboard somewhere visible or accessible then it’s nothing. Only if they literally broke into his office will it even remotely be something. Of course they will flog the crap out of it for ratings. Might be a bit of a cringe week.

What’s with only doing half the basement? Weird.

I also don’t really think it matters if the boys got his fiancé to pick a few cushions and flowers. What’s different than asking shop keepers or even looking on Pinterest. Non event!


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I don’t watch this show but how is this guy from Love Island still so good looking?



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I would watch The Block again, but only if someone edited the episodes down to 15-20 minutes which didn't contain any footage of SCam, Dan or Shelley/challenges.


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This makes me question this whole cheating fiasco. Looks to my like it gets filled in as they go. So how much “forward” planning was even on the board.
If they ‘out’ who took the photo, I’m interested as to whether it was conveniently left in a place that could be seen. Or did somebody actually break into this so called office.


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Typically the producers are really drawing out the "cheating scandal" for the ratings, but actually, I think Ronnie and Vito's conduct is geniuinely appalling. Cheating, lying, hypocrisy, spinelessness...I really hope this impacts their business reputation and ruins their chance at a media career. They deserve it. The boys are annoying, but they seem to be copping it more than R&V, when it's pretty clear Ronnie took the pic and is now trying to weasel out of it. And speaking of weasels...Vito is such a milquetoast, ugh.


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Given the amount of time taken up by this stupid "scandal" they could have revealed an extra room, tell me the production crew didn't capitalise on this scandal?


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I'm looking forward to this season, as usual. One of my cousins got called in to work on Scottie's house because it was SO far behind schedule.


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Excited ,I love the Block..except for last year (hated the cheaters tanya and vito and the twins)
New Zealand block is starting next week as well


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Wait, they still produce this show? I gave up on it years after whichever season Dean and Shay won. Would've assumed that people would've gotten bored of the same shit every year by now. Guess not.