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The Bachelor Australia 2019


How many chances does someone need after calling you a see you next Tuesday?
Why does she deserve another chance more than invisible Julia?
I would say it was Matt's mistake but his hand is obviously forced by who the producers want to keep around for drama.


He won't be when Queen Ali wins the show.
Queen Ali winning the masked singer will be one of the greatest tv moments ever.

it will win logies and be talked about by schools for generations.

it shall be in the Australian constitution.


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Well all this talk has fired me up for watching when I get home after work today. Roll on home time! Sofa, glass of wine, feet up, and some good wholesome bitchiness to watch 😅


So in the latest gossip........several dumpees including last night's final girl.......Julia???
Anyway, they defend Monique.......in that they all slag Matt off after every date/kiss/chat whatever . Kind of joking and just being bored and silly.

And Abbi supporters saying they heard are liars, none of them were there
Sugond is accused of trying to get rid of competition/Abbi, being one oldgirl that turns on her

So, update = producers created 2 tribes, so they can play like survivor........wouldn't be surprised if somebody finds another golden ticket in the bushes
It is hilarious fun viewing
Abbi seems more like an obvious bitch .....I am betting on him chucking them both out when he finds them pulling hair and wrestling
(Honestly if he isn't shown footage, well it didn't happen)


the producers will keep the footage and not show it to matt so they can continue to manipulate the show.
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They may never show the footage of what went down, but based on the girls' discussion right now while the others are out on a group date, it's pretty obvious that those things were said and almost everyone heard.