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The Bachelor Australia 2019


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Not sure if it was mentioned but their guest appearance on HYBPA was hilariously awkward! I wanted more of it. Ha!


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Abbie and Todd seem to be enjoying each others company, and having fun. And they look cute together - I wish them the best of luck.


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Abbie is like DESPERATE to remain in the spotlight, literally ANY spotlight. She's been slut-shamed, she announced having had an abortion, she's hooking up with ex-Bach contestants publicly, and now she's being body shamed. She's clutching at anything she can, it's actually sad to watch.


i wonder how long it'll be before he starts texting abbie?

and she ignores it because she was playing it up for the cameras?

saddened by this, he then grows a jack bauer depression beard and sets off to sail solo around the world. during the middle of the journey he is knocked off course by some wild weather and finds himself in the lost city of atlantis:



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I read somewhere it's supposed to be Dr. Chris, but I thought he was already married, or in a relationship. Also, I hope he wouldn't lower himself to be a bachelor!