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The Bachelor Australia 2019


Ah, so it isn't Todd. He's too good for this.

New guy looks quite plain-looking, like a younger Brendan Fraser.


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PLOT TWIST: he's gay and all the Bachelorettes are men. Channel 10, don't let us down, we need this. 🙏
I like glasses and I would like for them to be real but I suspect these are a producer chosen prop because "you are smart - we need to make you look stereotypically smart by putting glasses on you"


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Yes, the specs are likely a fake out to increase nerd factor. Not one Google image shows this guy normally wearing glasses. They can't afford another dickwad like Honey Badge, so they will use the loveable nerd angle big time. I'm bored already. LOL



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I’m sure I’ve seem him before. Possibly was interviewed somewhere on something spacey. The Project perhaps.



Picture and name confirmed

MATT AGNEW. Not a doctor but an astrophysicist. PhD Student.

31 years of age which fits the general Bachelor age that they go for.

[B]@kxk would be excited?[/B]

Yesssssssssssssss, finally a brainiac my sapiosexual fantasy comes true!

I suspect they wanted my favourite sexy scientist......Dr Alan Duffy

He would have laughed at them and probably suggested his junior

Hope our first geek bachelor has a sexy voice like the gorgeous Dr Duffy


Previews he looks cute, excited for a clever handsome Batch.....hope his voice is nice, that can be a killer to desire