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Celebration! FBB3 contestant
The first post for this episode is in Page 3
Within the next half hour, all contestants are asleep.
Camera fades and then cuts back to a view of the backyard, now messy.
"Day 3" and then "8:15AM" briefly appear in the lower left corner.


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The three in the treehouse all wake up first, anxious to see what all the noise was last night.
The roller door opens and the three are given the task of cleaning up the backyard.
"This is ridiculous," Edna shouts
"We weren't even invited, and now we clean it up?" questions Gamer
"I wonder what Leia was shouting over? That definitely was loud though!" Padme wonders
They then notice the dog, and all instantly pat it and feed it.


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"Today, you will all be nominating!"
Next minute, 11 gasps are let out.
"It's never been this early before," Noah says in the Diary Room[DOUBLEPOST=1445765847][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry, but I forgot the order of who nominated when. All I remember is that Lindsay, being the HOH, nominated last


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Here is who nominated who-




Han Solo-







Lindsay was then called to the Diary Room.
"Lindsay, your Power Play is where you have 12 points, and you can reveal where each person is standing on the leaderboard!"
Lindsay-Okay! I'll reveal myself first of all!
*Reveals Lindsay*
"11 points left"
Lindsay-I know Leia would be up there, so reveal...Homer?
*Reveals Homer*
"10 points left"
Lindsay-How could I possibly pull myself out of the Danger Zone? Umm. Reveal Padme
*Reveals Padme*
"9 points left"
Lindsay-Okay. If I want to make a powerful move, I'll make it now. But just to be safe, reveal Noah!
*Reveals Noah*
"8 points left"
Lindsay-Phew! At least he's safe! Finally, something that's working my way
Lindsay-OK. Damn, now I don't have enough points. Actually, I'll make things interesting...
5 points to Homer, 2 points to Padme, and 1 point to Leia!
Big Brother-Thankyou for your nominations!
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Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Big Brother-Housemates, to the Lounge, for nomination reveals!
*5 minutes later*
On 10 points, Leia...
Leia-Well, I'm not surprised to be honest.
Also on 10 points...Homer!
Homer-Wow! That's really surprising! I hope I don't go!
On 9 points...Lindsay
Lindsay (Diary Room)-Sadly, my HOH may have slightly backfired. Still got a fighting chance to stay though. Honestly hope Leia goes home.
Also on 9 points...Padme!
Padme (Diary Room)-Well in the back of my mind I knew I'd somehow end up nominated...
Big Brother-Leia, Homer, Lindsay, Padme, good luck for your next week in this house, and good luck at eviction. That is all!


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
*Camera fades out, then narrator says*
"What will happen in the nominations fallout? What will send one housemate over the edge? Find out tomorrow night, 7PM!


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Just so you know, the points were-
NOMINATED: Leia and Homer (10), Lindsay and Padme (9)
SAFE: Noah (5), Rockstar, Han and Cheerleader (3), Heather, Gamer and Edna (2)


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Also, vote next week's HOH and/or evictee in the poll!
You could even PM your vote to me if you want!
Nevermind, just PM me the votes. I can't figure out how to put a poll, so yeah. PM's please for next weeks HOH and/or evictee
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OK. It's time for a new episode! (Thursday's episode)
The episode starts with the nomination reveals to the housemates (from last night)
Leia then rushes to the bedroom, and Han Solo follows and tries to calm her down.


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Heather is somewhat surprised at how the nominations turned out and at how she's not nominated
Noah then comforts Lindsay and says it was unfair for Leia to yell at her the night before.
Cheerleader, Rockstar and Gamer run off to the Kitchen and begin jumping in excitement
Padme is just sitting around in the Lounge with Homer, still in shock.
Edna runs up to the Diary Room "Thank goodness it wasn't me this time! Phew!"


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Two hours later, "This is Big Brother! All housemates to the Lounge"
Everyone then proceeds to the Lounge. "You thought this season would be easy. How you were wrong. With that said, it is time for your first task!"[DOUBLEPOST=1445850683][/DOUBLEPOST]I actually haven't thought of a task! Somebody please PM me quickly!


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"Your task this week, is two of you must remain in the backyard at all times! First up, we will have Leia and Lindsay in the backyard! Also, every three hours I want to at least see a new face in the backyard, if not two! Also, nobody else is allowed in the backyard whilst this happens. To feed the backyard residents, you will pass it through a hatch in the Lounge!"[DOUBLEPOST=1445851003][/DOUBLEPOST]"Great!" Leia shouts.
"Why us?" Lindsay wonders.


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Half an hour later, already, Leia requests a switchover. Noah offers.
Noah and Lindsay are just casually chatting.
Lindsay shouts "It's awesome having a best friend! I bet Leia wouldn't know!"