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Star Wars Big Brother 3

Would you like me to proceed with a Lego Big Brother?

  • Heck yeah. Looking forward! (Definite yes)

  • I think it would be a nice idea (Slight yes)

  • Maybe not (slight no)

  • No way! (Definite no)

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Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Since there will be no Big Brother 2015 (sadness), I might start my own Big Brother season (Done in Lego). If I get enough hype, I might consider doing it. I've finished the layout for the season, but I'm not going to reveal too much yet.
THAT IS ALL...for now
P.S. Please comment questions and ideas for my season. Although the layout is done, I could add a couple of fan ideas into it. Also please vote.


Bucking the system
Sounds like a fun idea. I assume you mean stop-motion animation?

Just make sure you're doing it for your own benefit.


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Guess what. I may have just started a season and it is now Day 3 in that house. More info to follow.
P.S. Most likely a week's delay between what happens and me giving you that info


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
Hello guys. Welcome to my official Lego Big Brother thread. Cast reveal will be later today. For now, I'll just say that there will be 3 simpsons, 3 basic, 3 Star Wars, and 3 total drama minifigs (all lego).
Feel free to discuss here. That is all...For now.


Celebration! FBB3 contestant
The reason it's called Star Wars Big Brother 3, is because I've had two previous seasons.
Season 1 was based off BBAU2013 (Done in 2013), but wasn't finished
Season 2 was based off BBAU2014 (Done in 2014), and got finished
Maybe along the line of this season, I'll post official results of the previous two seasons :)