Star Wars Big Brother 3

Would you like me to proceed with a Lego Big Brother?

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  • I think it would be a nice idea (Slight yes)

  • Maybe not (slight no)

  • No way! (Definite no)

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It then shows brief moments of each hour
Cheerleader and Noah-5-8PM
Cheerleader and Han-8-11PM
Han and Padme-11PM-2AM
Homer and Edna-2-5AM
(BTW they weren't allowed to sleep)
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Edna and Rockstar-5-11AM
Episode ends with Edna and Heather switching places at 11AM
Rockstar-"Good luck Heather! It feels like eternity!"
Heather-"Yeah I bet. I can't believe Gamer hasn't tried this yet!"


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Will the housemates pass the task? Will they stay within their shopping budget? Stay tuned, 8PM tonight, for Friday's episode! (I need to do 2 episodes a night to catch up)


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Anyways, it picks up from Day 4 at 2PM, when Rockstar goes out so Gamer gets in
Heather-"Now you're finally doing the task!"
Gamer-"Yes yes. I guess I had to wait! 6 hours to go for me!"

Meanwhile, the other 9 are all in the Lounge playing games with each other (Out of boredom)
Homer (Diary Room, with Santa's Little Helper)- I'm so glad everyone agreed on letting me take care of him! If I'm evicted this Sunday, that'll be heartbreak to my dog!


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It has just approached midnight Day 5.
Rockstar-Hey Cheerleader! Can I tell you something?
Cheerleader-Yes Rockstar?
Rockstar-I kinda like you
Cheerleader-Oh. Okay.
Cheerleader and Lindsay-2AM-5AM
Lindsay and Homer-5AM-8AM
Homer and Noah-8AM-11AM
The episode ends with Homer going out of the backyard and Heather going in.


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Who will get evicted in our next live show? Find out tomorrow, at 7PM! (Sunday's episode)
Then, find out whether they passed the task or not. Tomorrow, at 8PM! (Friday's episode)
Don't forget your votes to save and HOH!