Skye Appreciation Thread

marsha brady

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i reckon its possible that so many people are betting on ryan to win simply cos they cant think of anything he did that might have turned people off (theyre wrong), so he seems like the safe option and the easy bet.
skye might be a frightening bet due to all the social media hate?

nervous for the first time this season!


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I was procrastinating checking out some old clips on Jump-in today and found this one of Skye from the early weeks.


Video Link

I had no idea she actually came up with her own lyrics to Jake's song (not sure if I just missed it on the daily show?). Anyway - thought you might enjoy this - it has some other 'bits' as well. :)


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I am one of the many,many Sky fans who hasn't used social media to promote their favourite in this regard,there are other many,many votes going her way,outwith the online forums...
This years BB,has been woeful...I was convinced that I wouldn't waste money to vote for any
one them...but with the thought of Ryan winning tonight,so undeservedly,I have been voting to save
sky,because any other winner is just too terrible to contemplate...
If it happens,it will be a case of "Sky has been cheated,not defeated" ((*~*))
I knew there were more of us out there!! Welcome!!

Mavis Beacon

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*walks in........untangles pink streamer from heel*

*looks up at "Congratulations Skye you always HAD THIS!" banner, makes patronising sympathy face*

*takes plastic cup from nearest table and cautiously sniffs contents, scowls and shudders*

*places cup back down...runs gloved finger across table.....inspects finger and makes sucking sour lemon face*

*steps over cheerleader pom-poms and somebody's bra, walks to next table, and looking down nose, pauses....*

*lifts head from table by peroxided locks.....recognises marsha brady, shakes own head in dismay - then shakes marsha's and imitates voice "no noooo, i was wrong Mavis was correct - again."*

*drops marsha brady's head back on table and reaches into fashionable clutch purse for cell phone to call intern Fingerdert Humpertwink,
ex-foreign exchange student and casual sandwich artist*

"Hello Fingerdert it's me, Mavis. Got a pen? Well, I'd prefer you use a pen but yes your 'tablet' will suffice - moses. Okay take this down I'm going to need some disinfectant - delivered in a cement truck, yes yes the whole thing....some garbage bags with ties - not the paper wire type the sturdier plastic wire ones...correct, and a high pressure water hose and some hazmat suits. Yes yes they will come in handy when you and your recalcitrant university friends are cleaning this place out but I was thinking - speaking of plastic we need to hose down marsha brady, water blast the disappoint off her. No no NOT the disappointment she feels about skye not winning, the disappointment I feel for how misguided she's been. Okay well off you go and don't dawdle. I want this place spick and span for the opening of the Ryan Enthusiast's Light to Mid Strength Beer Hall, and time is money. Yessss...I know i don't 'pay' you Fingerdert you're an INtern. Now hurry along - and don't bring that Eurasian friend of yours....yes 'Brian', that's the fellow. He's a dear boy and a half decent mathematician but he reminds me of Lina and I can't deal with that right now. Now off you go."

*puts cell phone back in clutch, wonders what to do with fingerdert if he continues to be so uppity and surveys surrounds...imagines everyone enjoying the Ryan Enthusiast's Light to Mid Strength Beer Hall and how.....un-pink it's all going to be, and who will be refused entry*