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I want to see her with out make up. She looks too much like a plastic person, and there for like someone older who is injecting stuff and painting their face. So she looks older as she shouldn't need to do that.

I actually thought the little unscripted promo stuff we saw of her made her seem way more normal than all the clips.

We shall see, I think she could surprise some. If not, Bikini!


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Her initial 'pick me' intro was awful, but once onstage she had a likable quality to her. Her partner Lisa however seemed kinda cold (so she should make for some good tv, ala Tully) However this pairing screams early eviction.

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All that glitters is Gold Coast for 20-year-old barista Skye.

Sunny-side-up and busting with cheeriness, this blonde bombshell finds joy in life’s simple pleasures – a hot chocolate with cream, a good book poolside, or a meal made with love.

The former beauty school student gets 110% satisfaction from her casual coffee shop job and prides herself on her ability to make the perfect cappuccino.

But don’t mistake highlights for lights-out – this coastal chick is certainly not all froth. She’s super spiritual with a huge interest in animal rights and equality (politics not so much!) and is bound to bring some balance to the Big Brother House.

On her family home:
People often come to my house and look at it and say, 'Oh, I didn’t expect a girl like you to live here in a house like this; I thought you would have been rich …’ I’m not happy that they’re putting my house down ‘cause my mum has worked so hard for [my sister] and I to have an amazing life. And to me, this is a castle. I’m so grateful to live here.

On her perception of wealth:
I think I’m really well off. Compared to other people who live in other countries I am rich, do you know what I mean? So I do look at myself as being rich.

On her political stance:
I don’t watch TV or take any interest in what the government's doing … The last thing I heard about the government was that they spent all their money on those stupid jet planes … What are we going to use those for? Oh yeah, good work guys, yup, get some jet planes …

On never being taken advantage of:
You can tell what people want from you. And I’m really smart at picking up on those vibes.

On her ideal man:
I love dark skin. Dark. Dark. Dark. Dark everything. Blue eyes is nice. Big lips. Gotta have a nice smile. Long eyelashes. Nice eyebrows that I could tidy up with my wax pot.

On a graceful pick: If I can feel my nose clogging up I'll pick a booger out. But in a nice way. Or with a cotton bud; whatever tickles your fancy.
On having the smarts:
I believe every human being is smart; I think our brains are amazing. And I think if you're going to call someone dumb it’s really a reflection on yourself. Everyone is smart. I’m smart; it’s just you can be smart in different ways.

On being judged:
I’m really not interested in what other people have to say about me if it’s negative. If it’s positive, I’m all ears!

On her spiritual beliefs:
When we die, just be prepared because it’s going to be amazing. I believe that we come here for a human experience and the afterlife is our home … This isn't our home; when we die we go back home.

On being an environmentalist:
Animals are people too and they deserve to be respected.
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I love "dumb" blonde housemates. Haha! I think she will be quite funny and clueless in a sweet way. Early days though. I could dislike her next week. Who knows? :p