Skye Appreciation Thread


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Guys congratulations with Skye being in the finale.
@marsha brady and @LoveBB , You two have been very loyal to Skye even when so many people on the forums say negative things about her even when they're not even remotely true. I admit, I too have said some negative things but some people just go a little too far. I've been watching you two standing up for her and it's really great, much respect. :D

I'm sure there are more supporters out there in lurkersville who would have verbalised their opinions if the hate hadn't been so THICK. Such a shame really. This forum has always been a level playing field...Until now.


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Look @LoveBB and @marsha brady , I want to put the past behind us and let bygones be bygones.

I think you guys owe me an apology.


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Was that in the thread that was deleted? The Ryan hate thread?

Anyway, I will just let bygones be bygones because I can't be bothered searching for it at the moment.
I don't know either. I have no issue with you but I congratulate you on your Speccy Awards... Well done!! I do mean that. :)


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You're welcome. You very much do and I never said you won Big Brother and I would know as I am the top Big Brother fan and know all the names of the winners off by heart.

Great! Welcome to the forum by the way. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Not sure how long this place will be active for if this is the last season. Best of luck anyway :D

Jay Jay

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I am one of the many,many Sky fans who hasn't used social media to promote their favourite in this regard,there are other many,many votes going her way,outwith the online forums...
This years BB,has been woeful...I was convinced that I wouldn't waste money to vote for any
one them...but with the thought of Ryan winning tonight,so undeservedly,I have been voting to save
sky,because any other winner is just too terrible to contemplate...
If it happens,it will be a case of "Sky has been cheated,not defeated" ((*~*))