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Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 5


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Does anyone know what happened to my Xavie bois Instagram? I went on a few days ago to see if he had posted any cute (shirtless) pics lately and it doesn't seem to exist anymore, it was still up a couple of weeks ago but for some reason it's gone now.
He probably blocked you for stanning him. 😂


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Pretty moronic to follow someone in order to say they shouldn't be on their social media platforms.


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What do you mean? You do realise he hasn't deleted his social media like you thought he did?
Phew. Your are right, it's still there. I think he must have changed it from xavier_molyneux to xavier.molyneux
...Or maybe I was just going nuts with this stage 4 lockdown.
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Johnnie from BB01 posted this tonight. Aside from the very heartfelt message, it is great to know the original seasons of BBAU (or at least the very first) have been officially archived.
Probably will never happen but I would love the old Big Brother seasons (preferred Widescreen - I know these exist) to be added to a streaming service. Could you imagine?

But I’m sure there is many things stopping that from happening like rights issues and royalties. Would they have to rewrite contracts again? Get permission from and have to pay the seasons cast? And more...