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Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 5


All in all, not a great list. This forum could come up with a far better one imo.
I gave up on it when Surly was on the list. A non-housemate. :confused:

Also when they called Trevor from 2004 as always interesting/funny to watch.


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Johnnie posted this on his instagram this morning, I mean is it worth him making an onlyfans? I’d be curious to see any other housemates making onlyfans coughjamiecough

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Not sure where else to post this but clips from Ch7’s Big Brother (specifically shots of Allan and the first set of newcomers entering last year) were featured in Episode 2 of E!’s ‘For Real: The Story of Reality TV’ series in the US yesterday. It’s a seven-part series hosted by Andy Cohen about the history of reality television, mostly American shows.

The clips from last year’s Australian BB aired alongside clips from BB Canada during a wonderful and long segment primarily about the history of Big Brother US. Julie Chen was also interviewed.
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