Masterchef 2019


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Just heard that on the lead up to the news.
I know there's been a lot of criticism about them, and the program needs a shake up but I can't imagine out without them. It'll be like when Gretle left BB.


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Bet you Billy,Po and MAtt are going to be the new judges...because they were the mentors?
Watching Billy though is like watching wallpaper she is so boring


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That judging panel has gotten very stale for me, and there's been far too much overt favourtism to certain people over the last few seasons, Tessa and Larissa a case in point this year.
Matt Sinclair definitely should be a judge next year, but I wouldn't necessarily hire Poh and Billie too.............why not instead Justine Schofield and another past winner or runnerup, like Andy Allen, or that Brent guy?


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Of course any replacement judge would ideally be someone people known to the audience, a real fan favourite if possible.