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Masterchef 2019


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
Larissa 55
Tessa 54
Simon 43

Dessert to come
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Dennis Haikalis

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Good on Larissa. Deserving winner and such a talented cook for a young age. I wanted to Tessa to win but loved all 3 and would have been either way. So glad that they each received amazing prizes to help with their dreams. Best of luck to all 3 of them and they should be commended for making it to the end!


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
Didn’t mind the service challenge style finale. I missed a lot of this series so didn’t really mind who won, they all seemed nice tonight anyway.

Today’s news has probably overshadowed the finale unfortunately.

Disappointing too that the judges have had to leave under the shadow of George’s misadventures.

They will be hard to replace and MCs decline most likely will only accelerate I fear.