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Masterchef 2018


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I'm glad it was that guy who went home. I got the feeling he still has unresolved issues from his past and there was a point in the cook off where Gary was warning him about the salmon and he said (wth a hint of attitude). "I know". It was a total contrast to sweet, young Jess who has shown humility and ability. She demonstrated that she listens and applies guidance from the judges and it definitely went in her favour. I hope she does well and is able to measure up when the challenges aren't desserts.


I've often wondered why so many shed tears when a rival leaves? It's not just Masterchef as it happens in just about any Reality TV show.
I wonder if it's because their emotions are heightened and fragile being in a strange environment. Add the stress of competition and being apart from your familiar routines and support networks and the basic human need to relate to others. Probably a combination of those things? I often wonder how I would go as I have Aspergers and don't know how I'd deal with all the sensory overload (probably not well).
One of the reasons I really like this forum is that there are rarely any over-the-top displays of emotion. People are happy or sad about things, obviously, but there's none of that "OMG I was in tears!" reactions to "letters from home" and "family visits" on reality tv shows. I don't really know if MasterChef contestants crying when another contestant goes home is sincere or not, but it seems ridiculous to me. They haven't died, they are just not going to win, like everyone else apart from one person. Other than that, their life goes on as usual.

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Oh did I miss Tommy Fucking Little? What a shame.

Evening all.
... I feel the same way about that twonk... he is so up himself... nearly as much as Waleed...

I love Masterchef Sunday nights
...yes I do too delcan... it tops off the weekend quite well doesn't it?...

Golden M gives them the power to choose the mystery box
...and... thanks for answering my question above as I posted it lol!... cheers.

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an old fart that rants at times...
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...I'm so glad that Jess survived the cook-off the other night... she did so well... and was so humble and just cooked her heart out... I hope that she goes a really long way... cheers.

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an old fart that rants at times...
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Boxing Chicken

I thought that would have been a far more interesting Google search

...well blow me down... I've made a dish very similar to that but it wasn't called that... but the ones that I made had Prosciutto wrapped around them... well what do you know?... I'm a Masterchef and didn't know it!... woohoo to me!... lol!... cheers.