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I’m a Celebrity 2023 : Episode 14

What would improve the show?

  • 2)… install new hosts… people like… Kerrie Anne Canhardly (be bothered) and Andrew O’Keefe maybe?…

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…well… most of the show was quite good (minus the eating trial and my Dicko going)… fuckit I’m annoyed about him going!… especially when Dominica/Aesha and the greatest actress in the world Debra of all people are still there… in a way I’m glad that I can’t make it tomorrow night… it’s probably just as well… anyhow… nite all… thanks for the fun… sleep tight… have amazing dreams… cheers.
If the animal offal trials really are what they claim they are, how can Dr Chris condone killing antelopes and zebras to use their eyeballs and penises?
Just catching up now folks.

Imagine eating Zebra dick? Those celebs freaking did it. That was some impressive shit. Honey badger was a great motivator to the team. I’m actually liking him now.

Dicko getting voted out? FML.
I must not be the only person voting as I threw some his way. Why weren’t you all voting Dicko?? He should be like final 5!!!

I think Australia is going to regret this. They should have given us an early 2000’s style BB indicator of who is on the chopping block before the votes close.
…fuck me dead!… it’s my Dicko!… the only interesting one in there and he’s going!… and people chose Debra to stay over him?… are people totally fucked in the head?… if Liz goes my interest in this shitty-arsed show is over!… cheers.
You gotta vote Sticky!!! Man this is sad af. Worst thing to happen on reality tv this year.
Notice how Dom tried to say Dicko was saying she didn't know how to cook meat because she didn't eat it.

He never hinted that, he knew what to do & the meat turned out great. IMO: When there were praising the cooked meat, Dom wasn't that happy about it.
Dom is feisty af. I really hope she doesn’t win,

Was also thinking Dicko may win this like someone else said, but Australia seems to have bigger favorites. I cant believe even Woody hung in longer than Dicko. I also suspect that everyone just thought by default Dicko will be safe and so they only voted for their other favorites. Did you vote @Kaz
I call BS on the KAK story.
If Dom railed her as badly as they're saying, fuck oath channel 10 would air it. A 'family' show? Bullshit. It's all about ratings.
I have no doubt Dom went hard on KAK, but she deserved it. KAK was an uppity bitch.
They're both fucking morons as far as I'm concerned.
Btw I'm loving Deb.
I loved how chilled she was when the others were trying to trick her into thinking something was wrong.
It's emotional intelligence that comes with age. (Well mostly, but not with KAK).