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Gogglebox Australia


Somehow I Still Believe
I’m curious to see how the celeb version plays out? Who do you think they’ll get on it?

Possibly Julia Morris and family? Definitely a Neighbour’s person. Ex footy/cricket star?

Hmm, maybe not a Neighbours person.



All of the old cast are replaying the same old schtick (Keith says something dumb and Lee scolds him, Mick says something boring and Di scolds him and cackles, or says BEBE, Mr Delpechitra goes "Hooray!", Anastacia says something sexual, Mrs Dalton sits with her legs up on the couch), and the new ones make no impact at all.
Holly Dalton is actually growing on me though, she's a bit of a cult figure.


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Anastasia says how the Greeks are the best / were the first at something.

Is this a drinking game?

I finally got Channel 10's stream to play again. I think my VPN changed their Australian server. But now I won't need to watch anything on 10 until Gogglebox returns.