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Forum Big Brother 3 (UNSEEN)

Will McDougle

Winner of Forum Big Brother 3!
Congrats @Will McDougle on your win, but I just can't help but be suspicious, literally no-one has posted on the Live Show thread and the Viewers thread except Affable and a couple of others. If that makes approximately seven so-called 'viewers' how could you get 21 votes? I'm just being a little curious, and if you happen to be offended by my train of thought I'm sorry to even call you capable of winning this competition based on true gameplay. With that said, you won and that is the final result. @Dennis Haikalis it's truly been a pleasure being in the house with you. To @BigBrotherCritic you are very very entertaining. @AntiGretel THE FAKES WILL BE EXTENGUISHED! @reepbot You were only yourself and I commend you for that. To everyone else, thanks for being amazing the way you are and being in this FBB3 house: it's been cool to be in the presence of members like you. Cheers to @Bertrendo and @SepiaBird for up heaving the foundations of the series to what it has become.

A little controversy at the end, all in the name of BIG BROTHER, who is always watching.
much love -mazza!
A little controversy is always good! Haha, anyways I hope we can be friends even know the things you said. Just to say again, that I wouldn't cheat! :D