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Doctor Who


Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster
I don’t have any memory of watching Doctor Who in black and white and don’t have any emotional attachment to it being that way, so I’m in favour of colorising if the quality is good. Although I’m generally averse to colourisation as the quality hasn‘t generally been good enough in the past, but maybe the tech has improved.


I bought the recent Power Of The Daleks blu-ray, and watched it first in b&w, then in colour. I enjoyed both equally.
I also agree with the point ,made in the video that it is ok to digitally remove things that were actual mistakes - the sixties producers didn't want monsters bumping into cameras or boom mics appearing on screen. They were unavoidable mishaps due to limited time, money and technology, not part of the artistic vision.


David Tennant fans, have you found STAGED?
On Mondays 7.30, abc 22
Odd little lockdown 30 mins
With Michael Sheen, and guests, Dame Judy Dench is next
About preparing/rehearsing a play during lockdown on zoom, with the creator/writer....who is having a bit of a melt down by 2nd show last night
It is weird, and curious
Features David at home with his wife, the Doctor’s daughter (doubled, as she is a Doctor’s daughter in reality & on tv)
David & Michael are such great friends, they are fun together, ribbing each other.