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  1. Just a clarification. We have just the one DW thread here at BBA at it kind of limps along in the off-season of BB and DW. Other times it rocks. So although the title does say "spoilers" can we please put any spoilers in the special spoiler tags.

    [ s p o i l e r ] your content [ / s p o i l e r ]

    with no spaces obviously.

    That way everyone is happy. We can see spoilers if we want and we can avoid them too. All in the one thread. The Doctor is one of the most downloaded TV shows around. News threads abound. Fan sites abound. Rumours abound. Australia is behind the BBC/UK in broadcasting episodes. Let's respect the casual viewers and those of us who are a little too busy to surf.

    So the "spoilers" in the title is a warning, rather than an all out invitation to freely post plots of upcoming episodes, for example. That's my point.

    (The reason I'm posting this here is to cover myself in a thread for another TV show. Sorry about being heavy)

    Original posting/content:

    ABC TV has started advertising the latest season of Doctor Who.

    First episode we'll see will be the 2006 Christmas special "The Runaway Bride". It's supposed to be a sixty minute special. The ABC don't usually mistreat us Who fans so can't see why we'd see a minute less. :)

    Didn't note the broadcast time but I'd assume it's 7.30pm of a Saturday night. DW deserves nothing less than prime time!
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  2. 8:35pm Thursday, 28 Jun 2007

    you will love the new season it's got some good episodes, the one that aired last week "Blink" (ep 10) was FANTASTIC
  3. plazbo

    plazbo Guest

    Yes the first episode will be on a thursday and then I believe the rest of the episodes are on at the usually 7:30 saturday time.

    I prefer season 2 so far :(
  4. Burn

    Burn Guest

    You simply must tell me your thoughts on this weeks!
  5. So why launch on a Thursday night while I'm working and then revert to Saturday night. Doesn't make sense! Grrrr.
  6. Burn

    Burn Guest

    Because it's a one off special which should have been shown 6 bloody months ago! :mad:
  7. Hey Burn I will let you know on Saturday after i watched it :) i usually watch them sat morning....
  8. Geez I'm fed up with the thursday scheduling. Stuck with stupid compressed video if I want to watch it at all. ;) Or else hike to the local ABC shop and pay a pretty penny to up the quality (if this epy was released at all on DVD). Can't win can't win can't win!

    Just as I was about to eBay off my (used only twice actually) newish VCR I think I now have a use for it....

    Or I just won't work thursday and then be out of a job again! :D
  9. not sure if they have been released on dvd yet, cannot find any Dr Who dvd's anywhere anymore...i download them but i wanted to buy the last 2 seasons but cannot find them anywhere :(
  10. Burn

    Burn Guest

    I commend you for having the will power to wait that long.

    I watch it immediately after it's finished downloading.

    Anyhoo, Runaway Bride - scheduled for 4 July 2007
    Series 3, Vol 1 - 1 August 2007
    Series 3, Vol 2 - 5 September 2007
    Series 3, Vol 3 - 3 October 2007

    Could assume that the fourth volume will be released in November with the box set (I got the individual volumes for series 1 and the boxset for series 2, the box set is far superior!) soon after.
  11. I know it's a struggle to wait that long lol I have almost hit my download limit, it re juices on 24th so lots of downloads this week to use the rest up.

    Why can't you buy the box sets for series 1 & 2 anymore? Are they going to re release them? I hope so i want the boxsets lol :)
  12. Burn

    Burn Guest

    I doubt there'll be any re-releases, it is the ABC after all.

    Did you ever catch the pilot episode of The Sarah-Jane Adventures funninonebabe? (The full series is set to air later this year I think)
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  13. Oh dear. Does the ABC/BBC do the same as Disney and allow the sale of, say, DW for a limited time only. After a certain time impossible to request the local shop to order it in?

    Hope we get the Sarah-Jane Adventures here. They sound fun.
  14. Burn

    Burn Guest

    Okay, i'm about to provide a link which is to a short story which was the basis of "Blink", episode 10 in this years series. So if you don't want to be spoiled, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! (and spoiler tags don't work for links)

    What I did on my christmas holidays - by Sally Sparrow
  15. Mud Cake

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    May 1, 2007
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    I'm hoping that with the bigger budget they have had with the last
    2 series of Dr. Who that we can see more of the TARDIS.

    I'd love to have some kind of wide shot showing all of the TARDIS as it's
    supposed to look inside the outer shell. But with the doors opening right
    onto the outside with no "inner room" like the old version I doubt we will
    have such a chance..

    But one can live in hope.
  16. Burn

    Burn Guest

    I get the impression that unlike the old Tardis style (lots of doors and corridors), this one simply goes up.

    Very far up.
  17. Mud Cake

    Mud Cake God

    May 1, 2007
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    OH........ That would make for good CGI methinks :)

    But a few episodes back didn't the Doctor give Rose directions to the
    wardrobe that include going down a long and winding path
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  18. Plasmo779

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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Who has seen episode 11 'Utopia' of the current DW?????
    I don't want to even use the spoiler b/c this one is a killer!
    Blink was still a top fave but where that episode had the scare factor, this episode has the excitement/WTF factor...
    OK I have to spoil..
    Not only is Jack back (which everyone already knows about) and more like his original flamboyant self compared to TW but someone else comes on the scene...
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  19. Oh i liked that... a nice little story :) Thanks Burn
  20. No i never saw that i always wondered what it was like will have to look out for it :)

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