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Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?


Somehow I Still Believe
Admittedly I’m just talking from a legal perspective. Yes social media have had the benefit of unaccountability given to them, and are now rather hypocritically dabbling with it, presumably in hopes of avoiding real accountability.

But why are you worried about political fairness on Facebook when Newscorp exists?

And as I’ve said before I don’t hate Trump I despise him. Hate, fear and anger are always foolish things in politics. As a person in many ways I pity him, but he should never be given any position of power.

Time to move on, young oddjob. No point going after past presidents. Trump is finished. He's gone. Now we have to worry about befuddled Biden the creep.


Somehow I Still Believe
Actually, we don’t have to worry about it at all.

Ah but I think we do, young oddjob. As befuddled Biden the creep is now the new president of America, and it is imperative that he is out under as much scrutiny as the president before him. To do otherwise is naive in the extreme.


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Hopefully Morrison stands firm against the Queensland Premier.

The only reason why the state has financial issues is due to her border closure. The Australian tax payer should not have to bail out her state because of her policies. Queensland and all the people who voted for her can suffer in my opinion. Decisions have consequences.



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Yes, I do. I don't care what date is chosen as long as it is somewhere within our summer. Barbies are not as much fun in the depths of winter! ;)