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Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?


In terms of Federal, I’ll still be voting for Morrison as the alternative will be devastating.
Unlikely ....ie scumo wont remain leader for that long, with the mess he is in

Labor should do something radical....an all female leadership, step aside useless boys,
the future is female.
Tanya, Penny & Kristina would make an awesome team, a great answer to the dirty old boys club
All the dirty old boys need to be kicked into the gutter
Scumo.....but I didn’t know.....about everything and anything is pathetic


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What’s the bet they drop the current dud and quickly go to election before the new dud starts to smell? Surely they wouldn’t expect Australia to fall for the same trick three times in a row.


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Tanya, Penny & Kristina would make an awesome team,
I'd love to see it, but Penny and Kristina are always on fire in the Senate, it would be a shame to lose them there. Having said that I'd love either as PM if they choose to make the change of house to do it. Especially Penny. I have a bit of a crush on her tbh. Ironic I know.


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Imagine voting for the LNP under any circumstance.