Episode Day 46 (23/10/14) Nominations


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Priya gets the most nominated again, and even has the nominations power play. :cry:


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Published on Oct 22, 2014

They turned down 50 thousand dollars to stay in the game. TONIGHT 8.30pm, it all implodes! This game just got serious. And, the voice of judgement. Big Brother, TONIGHT 8.30pm on Channel 9!


I really thought Leo was not going to be nominated again this week, so the most votes is surprising. I bet Ryan, David, Lawson, and Cat all gave Priya points. How is Lawson not nominated and Cat only has 5 points? Bizarre. Travis could have been out with some cash and look he's nominated again-how (not) shocking...I cannot wait to see how this all happened. I wonder if they'll actually show us or just allude to it in conversation snippets.


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Spoilers - including who is nominated.

Tonight on Big Brother, the House has spoken and this week will see seven Housemates up for nomination.

Leo 9 Points
Priya 9 Points
Travis 7 Points
Skye 6 Points
Cat 5 Points
David 5 Points
Marina 5 Points

Then the Housemates watch Jason’s parting message, which leaves a few of them rattled, particularly Cat and Lawson. Jason said “it was them (Cat and Lawson) causing the most disharmony in the House.”

Is there another love triangle starting to emerge or is it just Marina ruffling some feathers. Leo and David discuss #Trasha and wonder how strong Aisha feelings really are for Travis.

Haha. Channel Nine's PR team called them "Trasha".

:unsure: How do you know all that already?


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Maybe they are told to nominate strategically this week by Big Brother?
That would explain Lawson not being up - nobody would no longer consider him a threat to win.


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Of course I'd want Travis or Skye getting booted, but we all know that they won't.

I hope Marina is NOT going. We need to see more of her.

Though maybe Cat would, after what happened?
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if Priya had the nominations power play like the others did she must have surely had a lot more votes and tried to bring others up to force her down the list ... and it hasn't worked because she was so far out in front? She would have given Leo points because she wants him out - and away from Skye ...