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CLICK FRENZY -20/11/12, 1st Oz Net Sale

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...I finally got on at about 12:30... most of everything is only 20% off... some exceptions but nothing that I wanted... I didn't think much of it but perhaps it'll be better next year... (if the site doesn't crash of course)... I suppose some people may have got some bargains earlier in the night... good luck to them if they did... cheers.


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... cept when it breaks the interwubz ?



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[MENTION=30683]bonnie[/MENTION] for books go to book depository or search booko.com.au

They said on sunrise there was no excuse, cyber monday is heap bigger and doesnt crash

Speaking of cyber monday some of the retailers I just looked at ship to aus. The deals are likely to be better too.


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See, that's the thing with retailers in AU. They take us for a ride, think we're an ignorant bunch and run gimmicks like these to get us interested. When it comes down to the offers, they're never good enough. Hence why I purchase everything online, mostly shipped from overseas. This sale is rubbish. Jeanswest has 40% off, which they do quite frequently anyway. Chemistwarehouse is selling fragrances 85% off, except that IS their normal price. Maybe this sale was aimed at people who have never tried online shopping..


All round though it's probably a good thing - it's shown retailers here they need to get their shit together online, 2millon people are waiting online to spend you fools and most have crap websites.

It's been good for a shake-up effect. I found the mattress topper I want reduced from $200 to $41, and market umbrella half price.
And had checked a lot before, so I'm happy.
Haven't looked at the fashion - and thats seems to be a huge section.
The thing is the discounts on offer are nothing like the discounts you get in the US sales....... And if a retailer isable to offer something for 75% or even 90% off for the sale what does that tell you about the huge markup they put on goods at their regular prices?


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Not always. I know dan murphy specials are nearly always loss leaders. They only make a small mark up generally, they aim for profit via selling large volume.


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Everyone I spoke to today was tetchy about the "crash" turned them off the internet buying scene *shrug* apparently.


In the few sites I looked at (Target, Dick Smith and a few others), I thought the so called extra special bargains were no better than the regular specials. It didn't entice me to buy anything and I thought the whole thing was a gimmick...and a mega fail due to techy problems.


I found what I wanted, and very cheap.

I avoided, Myer/target - those are all rip off places anyway, partly responsible for blocking Aussies getting good deals.

A lot of the participants have crap websites to start with, I checked any I thought of interest days before so had my targets.
I found dealsdirect had most of what I wanted, and Bevilles emailed me some good deals.
Nephew got DJ stuff cheap.
Deals direct even emailed me to ask if I needed assistance with my purchase.

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I find its all a gimmicky and looks stupid, it has got to just be aimed at encouraging people to go online to shop who would regularly go instore.

I buy almost everything online because its specialist (bras & shoes in non-standard sizes), I love one particular brand (threadless shirts), its something super specific (ebay or a random store in another state), OR most of the time too im just not bothered going to the shop its more fun to lie in bed and browse on my screen.

I just hope that this sparks more sales because i think the mark up on retail in australia is riddiculous. I like things like grocery run and catch of the day (although they have messed me around in the past), that enable you to get some really great bargains.
THE more than one million people who subscribed to Click Frenzy now face the prospect of up to five years of spam.


Not only that but possible serious security issues as login details and passwords could be seen... Yet it was the actual website logins and passwords for the click frenzy site itself, but one can imagine how insecure all the customer data was.


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THE more than one million people who subscribed to Click Frenzy now face the prospect of up to five years of spam.


Privacy of Information
We understand there are reports that Click Frenzy will be using the information gathered from participants for third party marketing purposes.
We categorically state that this is untrue – we respect the precious nature of permission given and we categorically state that we have not and will not sell or rent any customer information to third parties.
Customers have the right to unsubscribe from Click Frenzy at any time, and may do so by clicking the unsubscribe link in any emails received from Click Frenzy or by emailing [email protected] to request removal.