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  • :(
    I'm a bit sick of the island getting messed up & losing members cause they get lost
    Hi Artie thanks for befriending me. I dont make friends easily because Im socially unpopular. LOL

    Love ya
    Arthur, what's going on with your NRL team? Most of those people are out? Have you done your two trades for the week? You only have 50 minutes left!
    awesome :) end of feb eh, thats much better than the end of january :)

    it still hasn't hit me that I'll be going to university, i'll probably start to be scared to death in a few weeks :)
    I am.. but I don't know when the uni offers come out so I don't have any idea when my holiday will be over :)
    oh wally... this post made me L.O.L ... thanks for the good chuckle :p
    happy new year arthur, sorry i took my time, the forum doesnt alert you to new messages :eek:
    Love ya wally. Best wishes for 2009 XXXXXXX

    Hope 2009 rox your sox off, arthur!
    That not looking thing happened to me too.

    Also, I was very lucky to find your birthday message. It is GORGEOUS! Thanks!! XO
    MeRRy cHrisTMaS WaLLy, HoPE iTS A grEAt OnE :)
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