Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 20 Discussion (20 June, 7:30pm)

In another pre-recorded series, how should housemates be nominated?

  • Winner of a challenge nominates

    Votes: 5 8.3%
  • The whole house nominates after strategising

    Votes: 8 13.3%
  • The whole house nominates with nominations kept secret

    Votes: 47 78.3%

  • Total voters


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Fuck, bugger bum poo & shit! I really enjoyed Tully this time around! She has really grown as a person. I appreciated her honesty & loyalty, we saw her true colours this time round & those colours are bright, fun, genuine, full of intensity & soul. Tully, i'm sad that you got voted out, but i'm happy for you. It seems you have reached a good place in your life & i'm really happy for you! Good luck in the future you fabulous woman!

Yeah, exactly what Tim said too.


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Good viewing though. I dont really play faves so I dont get too caught up. I just like good viewing. I dont mind who wins but hopefully its a person who does it on merit and not just blind popularity.

Yeah, it was good viewing. I cannot deny that. And I also agree with "I dont mind who wins but hopefully its a person who does it on merit and not just blind popularity."


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Tully did her time and I really loved seeing her redeem herself this series but I ain’t gonna lie it makes really actually so so sad that Drew voted her out. Tim too. It’s not like an old season of BB where they didn’t know eachother going in. Drew and Tully had a relationship and friendship. Tim and Tully as well. If it was me I wouldn’t ever be able to let that one go. I’d be friendly but it would be bye bye friendship forever. I kinda get the feeling that Tully was the giver in the friendships anyway. I hope she has beautiful people in her life who have her back.

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…I’ll be honest… in her first season I couldn’t stand Tully because of the Drew and Tully smoochy smoochy storyline at the time and I was probably one of the top critics at the time… I even winced at hearing that she was joining this season too… but… I’ve been blown away on how much I’ve actually gravitated towards her this time… she seems so much self assured with herself… stronger minded… more mature… more feisty… stronger within herself but because she still harbours feelings with her heart she’s also vulnerable too… but unfortunately she’s gone now… thanks for the good viewing Tully… anyway… it’s been fun everyone… nite all… sleep tight… cheers.