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Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 20 Discussion (20 June, 7:30pm)

In another pre-recorded series, how should housemates be nominated?

  • Winner of a challenge nominates

    Votes: 5 8.3%
  • The whole house nominates after strategising

    Votes: 8 13.3%
  • The whole house nominates with nominations kept secret

    Votes: 47 78.3%

  • Total voters
I had NO idea but I am so, so damn glad I could help keep the BBB forums alive and well! I DO miss the website and articles though. 💔
Yeah this was my first year properly returning in a while and was surprised there wasnt a website anymore..

I guess it's figured it's not worth having much of a website with latest updates/news about a pre-recorded series?
Re: my relationships with the boys... it's fine. It will ALWAYS be fine. I haven't heard from Drew but Tim and I spoke briefly today via text. As I said today in many of my interviews, we're family now. Whether we like it or not. We were bound together before for life and now that bind has been reinforced.
You may argue with your family, not talk for weeks or months... want to punch them in the face but at the end of the day you still get together at Christmas and share a pavlova.
It's sad we couldn't band together and be some amazing, impenetrable alliance this time around (because my lord, we had an advantage) but I did the best that I could with what I was given. I played on my own, with no help or advantages or twists. And I'm proud of that.
this all comes with maturity tulls and it’s so awesome to see 💗 the boys will get there.. at some point lol
I feel like we need another category in between fan and superfan to satisfy some here. Like @Zcsund1234 let’s be honest, you’re more than just a superfan so it’s not fair to judge anyone’s fandom against you hahahaha. And that’s not being mean, I put myself in a similar category although I haven’t done a rewatch of every single season, I have watched every single episode ever and followed more than a casual viewer…. I just have a pretty poor memory, your memory is almost unrivalled.

I’ve joked about Johnson’s level of being a fan, but I do accept that he is probably a big fan of BBAU.
You know what you're probably right, and so is Tim when he said on insta that some of us need to get off our high horse. I am 100% self admittedly one of those people. I am constantly on my high horse about how much of a fan I am of the show, I may have overly harsh on Johnson in all honesty. It's probably some internal jealousy. At the end of it, he was there in the house and I'm no more than a viewer.

I am the first person to naturally go on the offence when someone calls themselves a fan of the show, possibly an unhealthy obsession with the show is what I have. Johnson probably does love the show as much as I do, and if he really has gone out of his way to go back and watch the series in full, then I commend him. I know how much of a task that is.

But I refuse to ever concede to the idea that someone can remember as much as I can. But of course I am relatively 'gifted' with an innate ability for that.
…I’ll be honest… in her first season I couldn’t stand Tully because of the Drew and Tully smoochy smoochy storyline at the time and I was probably one of the top critics at the time… I even winced at hearing that she was joining this season too… but… I’ve been blown away on how much I’ve actually gravitated towards her this time… she seems so much self assured with herself… stronger minded… more mature… more feisty… stronger within herself but because she still harbours feelings with her heart she’s also vulnerable too… but unfortunately she’s gone now… thanks for the good viewing Tully… anyway… it’s been fun everyone… nite all… sleep tight… cheers.
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mr Sticky...what about Helen? Wold your opinion change there or would pigs fly LOL
Haha way to jump on and just drag us mate, just a “niche message board” … I’ll have you know … we are INFAMOUS in the BBAU community. 😂

Haha nah spot on, this place can be a little bit of an echo chamber at times and doesn’t always reflect the wider viewing audience. But we are at our core passionate BB fans so I think that’s why I wish more would come and interact here.

I get why you are here and support it! I’m all for hearing more context around what we see on the show.

You just gotta have a thick skin to be a HM and interact here, I think you’ll be fine ;)

My goodness. I keep thinking I could not like you any more and then you come out with THIS. 😍😍 it’s bigger than the game and it’s just bloody beautiful! Reggie is a national treasure in so many aspects. The fact that you were aware and wanted to help give her a platform almost brings me to tears 🥲

I’m ok with this, not that it matters what I say or think, but as long as you’re not JUST crying victim of the edit. I love that your embracing the villain but also happy to chat and answer questions honestly. Huge props for that! Respect bro 👊🏽

So had you applied for Survivor?
Would absolutely LOVE to see you play Survivor.

Tending relationships built over time, such a mature way to go into a social game. Dude … can we be friends!

😮 I’m coming back to this after the finale!
You’ve got to admit that we’re not the most popular place to discuss BB that we once were. Now that social media is the dominant communication platform forums are kind of a dying media.