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BB/CBB UK - Rewatch discussions

CBBUK4 Day 17 (Just finished final nominations? on the home stretch now)
  • Where I left off in my update George and Preston had been called in to nominate 3 up for eviction as punishment for noms talk. It affects the three in some interesting ways.
  • Maggot surmises that they nominated him because of the way putting Chantelle up to the game of ‘name the capital cities’ looked like he was doing it intentionally to make her look stupid or something, when that wasn’t the case. He follows up with George about it.
  • Rula thinks she was the obvious third based on who was left to nominate (Preston wouldn’t agree to putting up Chantelle). She too gets over it a bit but discusses it with George, this conversation is important for later.
  • Traci appears to be putting up a front that shes fine with it, but cracks are starting to show. Later on she isnt letting Pete get to her after a conversation about seeming ‘happier’ now to stay in the house devolves into Pete giving her a rather bitchy dressing down that she isnt his therapist. At first Traci seems like she’s not fazed, but when Pete leaves the lounge (this is in front of Preston who leaves the room cause its getting awkward) Traci has a bit of a teary moment.
  • Also later on Traci has some solo teary moments in the submarine, which iirc is the first time I’ve seen anybody actually go in there in the edit the whole series.
  • Apparently Traci was a little bit tipsy that night, cause in the early hours of the morning, shes lying in bed cant sleep and loudly saying things like ‘Did ya know? I’m NOMINATED’ in that saccharine kinda accent she has, which annoys the shit out of Pete. lol.
  • Theres still a bit of discussion around Preston and Chantelle, Maggot says Preston will be dumped and his bandmates will disown him (as a joke) but its playing with Preston’s mind in the diary room.

  • The morning of the eviction Pete and Michael are doing impressions again - this time it’s Rula. Later She is the one that ends up being evicted. However Pete has refused to attend the eviction announcement in the lounge and is locked in the bedroom - we find out that its to do with an argument about the ‘Gorilla’ Coat again, from Rula (plus they show her the headlines about the Pussycat acting thing with George). How does that suddenly come up again I think. Pete’s also lately gone to a Black hair wig - earlier he went from Blonde to Red, to Blonde and now Black.
  • Then we see the full context on the daily show - It turns out that Pete discovers its missing when he is going through his stuff and Dennis comments on it - It was confiscated by BB and given to the Police! as BB relays to Pete in the Diary room. Because of complaints and that Pete has said its ‘Gorilla’ fur, It needs to be investigated. ‘My Coat has been arrested!’ He says.
  • Threatening to leave again, BB explains to Pete and George in the DR that the coat is found not to be Gorilla (which would be in ‘Annex A’ and more serious) but of ‘Columbus Monkey’ which is on ‘Annex B’ which is less serious, but still needs to be investigated for any offences and how it came to pass through into the country - George suggests some confidential monetary compensation to sweeten the deal for Pete to stay if the coat isnt getting returned anytime soon.
  • It brings up some interesting discussion on Big Mouth, whether its. simply recycling and vintage if it was made way back, vs fake furs which can also have some detriment environmentally when manufactured apparently. Anyway after sleeping on it Pete decides to stay after having a rough day with this coat business.

  • On Big Mouth, theres been another recurring gag this season, as well as some of the other regular BB Obsessives getting their own VT package now and then aside from Jon Connell, like ‘Monica of the Men’, Russell has this bit with a redheaded puppet doll ‘Little Paul Scholls(?)’ who in a recent episode he replaced the legs of with rubber snakes, and can sometimes be seen flirting with the female evictees in a highly edited bit of the post eviction press conference.
  • Jenni Trent Hughes was back on BBLB. Ahmed (BB5) also called in to Big Mouth. On Big Mouth they were also discussing some of Michaels behaviour lately - he was pointed out by Preston that he had everything tidy - maybe some things are getting to him a little and some OCD is coming out - there was also a weird scene of him folding a towel to put in his bed for some reason.
  • There was also a bit of a ruckus night before the nominations where Dennis had been given/told by BB there was some extra cigs and alcohol being provided to the housemates, but Michael accused Dennis of hoarding it/being the gatekeeper of them since he put them in his drawer instead of in a communal area for self serve. Dennis protests that he gave Michael some already or he can certainly come and put them on the table or something, then starts getting loud and baiting Michael a bit getting up in his face that he’s not fazing him. Michael backs off and the others think its Dennis just getting bored and wanting to stir stuff for the hell of it.

  • Nominations; George gets called out again by BB getting Preston to read out a transcript of his conversation with Rula, which discusses not only his nominations that they knew about anyway, but I guess where he went wrong was it veers into speculation/influence because he starts saying who he ‘Could’ve/Would’ve’ nominated (and this wording is a sticking point for George who wants to clarify that in the DR after as if that really changes the context of the discussion but anyways). Anyhow, the others have to one by one go to the polling booth to cast vote if George is allowed to nominate or not.
  • Before he votes, George also calls out Preston for not letting him know (before the last rule break) that he had confessed his noms discussion to BB. Preston says that wasn’t malicious on his part, it was just as part of his diary room thoughts ‘oh btw…’ George then rebuts Prestons claim that hes being a bit ridiculous by calling him ridiculous for getting so worked up about this. It is a bit ridiculous … lol. Preston then promptly goes and votes no to George nominating, and nominates him as has lost a bit of respect for him with the way he’s just carried on - kinda typical sly politician like.
  • It’s going to be a Double Eviction - with the rule of at least 3 nominees - which is the way it goes down, George, Dennis and Chantelle. I’m guessing this leaves a final 6 for the Finale. Only Preston and Michael have not been up for eviction all series.
  • They have a bit of a dancing task in lycra - earlier in the week there was also a self painting portrait task.

    Onto next few eps!
Hated it whenever they used nominating people as a punishment - it's a reward.

Jennifer Trent Hughes is a blast from the past - used to be a BB regular and did the rounds on other daytime shows I think too, but not seen her for years.
Hated it whenever they used nominating people as a punishment - it's a reward.

Jennifer Trent Hughes is a blast from the past - used to be a BB regular and did the rounds on other daytime shows I think too, but not seen her for years.
I think It also could be that it was played to the house, a step further than the 'Pants Of Power' nominating an add on surefire nominee in secrecy of who at least (although it was out of the three who were up for eviction for the others to guess and speculate on who was picked, not knowing who else was up before the extra was chosen).
It was even then directly compared to it to straight after the 2 came out of the Diary Room, PoP which was referred to by BB as a 'reward' (with 'Fanfare!' lol) - even if a double edged kinda one.

It also makes me wonder whether this is another stunt that just fell into their hands smoothly, If they had just a regular round of noms scheduled, or they were still going to to pull this twist but have it be decided some other way or randomly first two to the Diary Room or something.

Jenni is one of the BBLB semi regulars in recent seasons I've watched who's takes I find pretty entertaining whenever she is on. They also had on again this season that Irish author lady (Marian Keyes) who Dermot plays the game at the end of her chat, a mock up cover and title of what the personal story of some of the housemates might be and gets her to elaborate for instance.
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Those sort of guests were much more interesting that the zelebs from the reality circuit and so called comedians the spin-off shows use nowadays.
Finished up with BB3, tbh I powered through a lot of the last 2 weeks as I wanted to just finish it. I had extremely high hopes going into this season since it is the highest rated, it has multiple legendary names in the cast and I've heard, read and seen a lot to do with this season in well over a decade whilst I've been interested in Big Brother. I have to be brutal and say that in my opinion is has not aged very well like many other old school seasons of Big Brother. It also might be because the video quality I watched it in SUCKED SO BAD, but I just struggled to get into this season. I understand it rated amazing at the time, but I just do not have the nostaliga for this season to really appreciate how big it was. It was really hard to keep myself motivated to keep going. And knowing all of the finalists and how they placed probably did not help either. Maybe if I was to try again one day if I ever find it in better quality, but I just struggled.

I'll go into my specific thoughts on the cast in my housemate thoughts post, but I will quickly say that this cast is very top heavy. Like, extremely top heavy. Alex and Jade recieve so much more airtime than anyone else, it is impossible to really get to know a lot of this cast when most of the 22 minutes are going to Jade either screaming or being plastered drunk and Alex complaining. I feel extremely underwhelmed by pretty much everyone else aside from these two. And I can't even say I really loved these two.

The Rich/Poor divide was okay, but in my opinion it went for way too long and kind of took away from the potential that this cast had. I think there could have been more oppurtunities for this cast to interact without the divide, but I understand why it stayed. I was never a fan of the halfway house twist here in Australia, and I again did not love it here. It's a fun concept on paper, but in my eyes it's always overused when executed. The twist also resulted in no weekly tasks which very much harmed my enjoyment of the season. Without something different for the housemates to do each week I just found myself waiting patiently for the next nominations and or eviction episode.

The finale however was a very fun episode. The event feel of it was so crazy to watch. Even two decades later I felt transported to the time it aired just as I have with BB1&2. I did like that at least all four finalists were those who each faced an eviction every week at some point, so I felt they all did deserve to make it to the end. The finale episode really does a good job at showcasing how big the show was and how much pubilicty and media attention it got at the time.

It is a shame that I did not enjoy the season as much as I wanted to, but maybe one day I'll revisit it. I just seemed to struggle a lot and did not find myself that invested it it. But, I will say it does at least have some degree of rewatch value, as I do think I'd enjoy it more if I was to just sit down and concentrate on it rather than running through it while trying to make it to the more polished seasons of BBUK as fast as I can. So, for that reason I rank it above BB1.

Sunita: I feel like she had a lot of potential to be a fun housemate, but now all her legacy is from BB is being the first to walk. But it seemed she was one of those at risk at going home due to the public nomination. So, a lot to be desired I think.

Lynne: I actually do not even remember much of what I even watched of her. She was a bit abrupt to Spencer on her thoughts on him and as well as getting drunk and seemingly sealing her fate. I don't really have an opinion on her at either. Nor do I even remember what she looked like.

Alison: I really liked her even for just the fortnight she was in the house. But I really did enjoy her and find her to be really hilarious. Her breaking the outdoor table was funny, her friendship with Kate was endearing and she even made me laugh in her eviction when she was being extremely OTT on her way out the door. If production didn't have a hard on for Alex (but in fairness I did too) and reveal the percentages right before lines closed, she most likely stays. It's a shame she was a casuality on what was in my opinion the first time production actively meddeled with the result. But she's also a star in British Television today so she succeded in the end.

Sandy: He is probably one of my least favourite housemates of all time. He was nothing more than a bore. He was so grumpy and miserable in there it was not even fun to watch, or even hate watch. But who really thought someone like him would have done well in a house with people half his age. Such a waste of a casting spot. Surely in today's world he would be voted out over Alex and Alison in the eviction he faced. His exit is memorable and is the only reason anyone would ever remember him. But really, pissing in the bin? Yuck.

Lee: He seemed like he would be a very dynamic character with a big place in the narrative, but no. Apart from liking Adele and his whole thing with Sophie, who was he? Nothing at all memorable about him. Honestly nothing.

Spencer: Did I watch the same show as the British Public? He was one of the favourites? Really? He was so painfully boring and average. I get that 20 years ago these archetypes would do well, but he offered nothing to me. He flirted with Kate. That's all I could even tell you about him. His eviction against Alex was seriously a momentous occasion? I just did not see it. But thankfully Alex survived. And he didn't.

Sophie: Who the fuck was she on the show? She was invisible for almost her entire stay. She had this thing going on with Lee and the other housemates (mostly females it seemed) didn't like her. For what reason? I actually don't even know. It seemed there were others who were intimidated by her, but yeah she is one of the most forgetable housemates that I have watched so far. I am very confident I will not remember her in years to come.
Adele: I am genuinly shocked at the audience perception of her! So she bitched about some of her housemates, big fucking deal! I suppose that yes it was the early days of the show and this really is the first series to have A LOT of bitching. But Jade did the same thing, yet she receieved only half the votes Adele did in the eviction vote. I personally thought Adele was harmless and one of the more likeable people in the cast. I liked her dynamic with Jade and Alex. I don't actually understand how Jade survived that vote over Adele, but I guess Jade fans went HAM on trying to save her. I would have preffered for her to last longer thought, but good for her for being quite famous still to this day.

PJ: In his VT he made out like he was going to be so much more of a bigger character than he was. Aside from getting a hand job from Jade he did quite literally nothing.

Tim: Again another person who did almost nothing and has left no lasting impression on me. He was a bit too proper and a bit vein for me to like him. I forgot he was even there a lot of the time. He did more than Sophie but still I have almost nothing to say about him. I wonder if he still dyes his hair from it's natural gingerness lol.

Jade: Wow what a rollercoster she was. I have read so much about her and watched so many videos of her in the last decade, my own family all knew who she was and remember her death being covered by the media and we all don't even live in the UK! And as I have known all about her and her BB legacy/celebrity status, I went into this season expecting to really like her. I was aniticpating that I'd like her alot and she was the BBUK equivalent of Sara-Marie, but that really was not the case. She was for a lot of the season a very unintelligent, trashy and annoying young girl. Her stupidity was almost just unbelievable. She wasn't very rootable in the begining and was extremely over the top. Her whole thing with PJ was strange to say the least, but I did find her on again off again friendships with Adele and Alex fun. The whole veruca argument was hilarious. She did have funny moments when she was drinking (which was a lot) but I can't say I love and adore her like I do with Reggie and Sara-Marie. But towards the end I did start to like her as I feel she was the one to watch this season. Her finale interview was really fun to watch though, she was so graceful and was enjoying every minute of it. It was so cool to see celebrities like Graham Norton and even FUCKING JOHNNY DEPP make their support for her known. She probably should have won, she was the most unique and loudest character and very much an every day person in the world. I however still feel that her legacy comes much thanks to the show peaking in popularity and her being notable, rather than her actually deserving it. What happened to her is very devestating and it just reminds me that life can be so cruel. May she rest in peace and I hope her family managed as best as they could at the time.
Alex: I remember being 14 years old, and watching that clip of him singing That’s the Way (I Like It) behind the bedroom door. He was a very sexy man and had a very unique personality to the show that I honestly did not expect to see from him at all. That first week with him being so naggy, so moany and so persnickety. He ruffled a lot of feathers from the males especially for being too much of a "woman" during weegate when Jonny peed in the shower. His over the top obsession with hygeine and trivial issues did make me laugh. But I am shocked he managed to get away acting like that. But it is simply because he is sexy. He receieved pretty privilege due to being good looking. If he was a woman or was not attractive he would have been the first evicted, he would have been evicted over Alison and he would have been evicted over Spencer. That is not to say that I enjoyed his personality, him staying did the show a lot of favours, but I do wonder if he wasn't so good looking and like I said wasn't a man, would things have been different? I say yes. He slowly began to appeal to the audience despite his over the top personality, and managed to secure a spot as favourite to win.

Production did however medle with his survival, but tbh thank god they did in a way, as he was really my main interest in continuing the season. When he ends up on the rich side with Adele and Jade he becomes a lot more likeable and has so many unintentionally funny moments. Like when he was in the middle of Jade And Adele's veruca argument. He managed to leave a lot of funny moments in the BB memory vault. And if I was watching this season and didn't know the result, I would have guessed he was the winner. And I probably would have voted for him to win and I think he should have won. But of course its the year 2002 and in this time the show favoured innoffensive people who were quite placid. He was probably my favourite housemate if I had to choose one, but yeah, he was incredibly sexy.

Jonny: I am so confused, can someone please tell me why he was so liked by the audience? I don't get it. What, beacause he's a generically nice man who people could relate to? Yawn, Craig already won in Season 1, I do not care for this archetype anymore. He was apparntly funny? He was apparently a joker? Where? I feel like I saw nothing of this in the show. I assume that in that middle section of the series where he was being nominated a lot and was on the poor side with Kate for a while that he secured some support there. And yeah I guess I can understand why, I just found him boring in all honestly. But I am glad he didn't win in the end.

Kate: I am so dissapointed that I didn't like her as much as I had hoped to. I thought that as the first female winner and as someone who is still relevant in today's British Media, that I'd like her more. But she never really became anything of her own during the show. She loses Alison her best friend early on, then loses Spencer who she was in a flirtmance with and then has her moment where she gets a very simple question wrong and ends up on the poor side for a long period of time along with Jonny. But that is honestly enough to be said to summarise her storyline. She was very much a mid-tier level character in terms of relevance to the narrative and overall screentime. But that is not to say that I didn't like her, I did, I just think I prefer Jade and Alex as a winner to her. I just don't feel that impressed by her and am felt being very underwhelemed. Although I do understand the whole underdog thing with her losing all her friends and being a poor side occupant for a long time, but she just doesnt cut it as a winner to me. But it was definitely a female's turn to win, so I can see how she got support and I do agree with it. I just don't feel much for her as a housemate. But I still did like her and she was one of the more positive and likeable figures of the season even if she wasn't as loud and over the top as others. Her level-headedness and keeping clear of drama seemed to do wonders for her. So her win is overall well desevred.
Just think if that first eviction had gone the other way it might have been Lynne's son in the Strictly final last weekend.

Interesting reading your thoughts - obviously a different experience watching alone compared to with the nation. That can work both ways though and you can enjoy series the nation didn't either.

A cast with a legacy though and though BB4 yook a different approach the BB3 cast probably lay the foundations for casting in later series. Spencer going over Alex was probably a bigger shock than Bubble over Paul at the time. In hindsight he didn't do much but he was laid back and chilled. Was probably someone who came across better on the feeds.

Agree with you about Adele - she was one of my favourites that season and didn't deserve the boos at all. Not sure what she's doing now - she finished her Radio 1 show earlier in the year and was said to be remaining with them to cover other shows but don't think she ever has. Kate on the other hand one of the many BB alumni with a role on This Morning, but yet to have a chance of hosting the main show.

I honestly think you'll enjoy BB4 more and production wise most things step up again, other than the live task show which relied on cheap children's games to fill half an hour, which compared to the BBUSA challenges of the time seemed really cheap. Nowadays though it looks like the early inspiration for Squid Games
@Zcsund1234 would have loved to have seen you do the same when you did BBUS.

Love how you’ve gone from someone who used to annoy the hell out of me to someone who I respect and admire.
I just finished CBB4 (Just finishing off the BBLB in house Reunion show atm) So another write up incoming.

Finished up with BB3...
Interesting thoughts, to add a few points Yeah that Finale was Jam packed, was the Housemates joining in on Liberty X' outdoor performance of 'Just A Little Bit' on BBLB or the main Finale? And yeah you would have seen Graham Norton being the Celebrity cheer squad in Jade's camp.

I was also a little fatigued by the end of the 4 weeks of Rich/Poor being drawn out and looking forward to it being reunited, although at the same time it definitely shook up the dynamic of the season as a whole by it being more than just a week long thing, and being in the middle of the season and the housemates/audience not being entirely sure how long it would persist for.

Whereas in BBAU when they tried on this bit with a see through barrier, its only usually lasted a week or so and had the swap in the middle of that week. With the exception of 2013 where it was at the very beginning and lasted about 2 weeks(?), and 2003's massive undertaking where it was a much more physical house structure divide and also from the beginning for about 3 and a half weeks(?).

Back to BBUK, The final week of it where they could've ended it a week early but Kate f'ed up the alphabetical order (which is quite hard actually to do on the spot and in one go, no mistakes, I actually paused it and still forgot someone) leaving Tim as the ONLY one on the Rich side was TV Gold IMO, and one of a few twists they've implemented that Ive watched so far, that fell into play in execution by the housemates in such a way that it gave them added bonus.

In a similar way, BB3 was the first time they had multiple intruders actually enter the house, although as they were direct replacements for the not one, but two walkers, It did give me pause to wonder whether one or both of them were always planned, just not at the times they went in. I thought Tim was funny (that hair colour was a whole thing 'Ginger Watch' on BBLB) and his flip outs with BB in the Diary room. 'Comprhende?'. I watched Kate's walkthrough of the 2023 house and she brought up that moment of him shaving his chest in bed then covering up when the camera moved as if theres not several others already watching. lol.

I was unspoiled for the Alex V Spencer part and that was a bit of a genuine shock for me in my watchthrough. I think I only remembered Kate and Jade were definite finalists (if not the final 2) at that point (and I think I had read about Jonny being there too but didnt recall until I got there). And I thought oh well here we go, I think Alex's run might end here if the teenage girl vote and bookies odds are anything to go by.

I do agree though we might'nt have got much more out of Spencer if he stayed (at the very start he kept a bit to himself but soon developed some friendships with Sandy, PJ, Kate etc), but otoh his eviction did have a bit of an effect on Kate having to further steel herself and get on in the house outside of her situationship with him and lean on Jonny/Tim making it through further weeks stuck on the poor side ('Were making a campfirrre' lol).

Adele was a little unsure of herself I think as well and insecure about her revealing her bisexuality I think, on top of letting herself get tied up in the whole mess with Lee/Sophie, then also admitting she maybe was seeing someone on the outside as well. Lee and Sophie being evicted didnt help much because She then started a will they wont they with Alex being on the Rich side with him and Jade and all those explosive moments, which may have contributed a bit to the initial reception she got as she then followed Lee/Sophie being evicted not long in weeks after.

And Jonny I think just had a bit of a withdrawn streak in the middle where he stopped being Jokey (Iirc it was his initial arguments with Alex and then also his Nomination that brought him down a little bit). He started to regain some of it towards the end though and his mateship with Kate.

and yeah the weekly tasks are back in BB4. I'll be back in a bit to cap off CBB4 and then I can start BB7!
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I was in the camp of the rich/poor side not lasting long enough - with the Netherlands/Germany "The Battle" formats on which it was based it usually lasted pretty much the entire series. I do think the Heaven/Hell implementation of it in BB9 was actually slightly better, and I'd still like to see either BBUSA or probably more likely BB Canada give it a go as I like the idea of alliances being physically divided in the house and half the house being prevented from access to the HoH room.
@Zcsund1234 would have loved to have seen you do the same when you did BBUS.

Love how you’ve gone from someone who used to annoy the hell out of me to someone who I respect and admire.
They’re really easy to binge. I’ll definitely do it next for BBUS. It won’t be as much of a slog to binge as BBUS is extremely trimmed and well presented even when it’s bad.

15 year old me was annoying as hell. 23 year old me is more a vibe. Maybe one day the other person who annoys the hell out of you will change your mind 🤣🤣
They’re really easy to binge. I’ll definitely do it next for BBUS. It won’t be as much of a slog to binge as BBUS is extremely trimmed and well presented even when it’s bad.

15 year old me was annoying as hell. 23 year old me is more a vibe. Maybe one day the other person who annoys the hell out of you will change your mind 🤣🤣
I’m more interested in your thoughts on the older series. BB2 - BB8 were must watch TV for me.

As for whether that other person will win me over IDK. Let’s just say my dislike of them goes a little deeper than simply being an annoying kid.
I’m more interested in your thoughts on the older series. BB2 - BB8 were must watch TV for me.

As for whether that other person will win me over IDK. Let’s just say my dislike of them goes a little deeper than simply being an annoying kid.
Funny thing is pretty sure they’re two years old than me
CBBUK4 Finished! (Last few days thoughts)
  • Where we left off I had just finished the last nominations on Day 17/18.
  • The Big thing of note for the last few days was definitely the Final shopping task, which was a ‘Bankers and Directors’ Task. It was kindof a mash up between Room 101 from BB6, and the Sergeants and Privates task from BB5. By answering the phone ring, Chantelle and Preston became the ‘Directors’ who were given access to a secret members club with treats and dinners/alcohol (in the space where the Secret Garden was in BB6).
  • They were told to keep this secret from the rest (the Bankers) and having to get them to pass 2 out of 3 tasks in order to win 6 pound per head instead of 1 pound per head. They were given one of the 3 tasks in secret investing money on the stocks to try for a profit (one of the companies I think mentioned was Vodafone? LOL).
  • Meanwhile, the Bankers were shown onscreen Preston and Chantelle enjoying the private club room, and told to keep this secret from the Directors as well as having to fail at least 2 out of 3 tasks to win the REAL shopping task (They also didn’t know Preston and Chantelle had already been given one of the tasks on their own).

  • As discussed on BBLB with the team building/body language expert, this goes pear shaped because some of the bankers aren’t taking the deception in the spirit of the game. Pete puts the task at risk by grilling Preston and Chantelle about the elaborate excuses/lies they’re making up to cover their time in the diary room, and accusing them of being up to something whilst weighing the moneybags on the scale in the coin counting task.
  • When it’s revealed that the task was passed as the Bankers failed their two tasks, Pete Starts stirring up Preston and Chantelle again, then just stands back as this causes George, still salty about being ‘denied his rights’ in being voted out of being allowed to nominate, goes on a tirade about Preston and Chantelle and how If it were him in there, he’d sit in the middle of the room and refuse to partake in the food side of things (which ok I can kinda get his point there about not doing something the others cant participate in and also being paranoid it would have been on display or played later to the others him living it up).
  • But again he goes back to coming off very child having a dummy spit and as Davina later said Alienating the younger voters he was trying to get down with in the first place, from a misplaced feeling of hurt pride perhaps. At the end of the day its just a game, and them ‘lying’ is a part of that, as Preston said there was no malice in it, it was for the good of the house in the shopping budget.
  • Anyway this tension is not over, its lasts a good 20 minute scene of Dennis piping in, Chantelle shutting him down, Dennis and Michael, Then George vs Michael, George goes a bit too far though when he starts bringing in the ‘Pour another one’ comment which Preston calls him a wanker for, and Michael goes away to collect himself before coming back and seemingly having the last say.

  • BB throws them a bit of a party with some gifts after it, but the mood in the house is still kinda quiet. Maggot also gets a little bit agitated when its found out Dennis picked up his pack of cigs and has given a few out, he defuses the situation and gets them back off him.
  • The next day BB has them film a BB Movie playing Hm’s other than themselves. Pete dresses in the Gorilla suit and fake boobs and does Jodie, while Maggot dons a wig and does a Chantelle impression. They play it back to them after the double eviction.
  • Predictably its George and Dennis out. Dennis refuses to take off his hat and sunglasses in the interview, and gives an awkward interview on BBLBreakfast with Dermot the next morning, causing the censor to try testing some beeping in case Dennis says something after a lewd allusion he makes to ‘cum play for a London basketball team’ (hand action). Subsequently Davina only greets him onstage and moves him along without any words at Finale, and I think I read he wasn’t invited to the BBLB Reunion show, in which Pete drops an F Bomb (Preston does too but its late enough for TV in his Finale Interview and again on Big Mouth finale after the finale).
  • Preston wins a game of ‘statues’ though his prize is a bottle of beer in the Diary room listening to BB sing him ‘100 Bottles of beer on the wall’ with random long pauses at some bits. At one point he tries singing along to speed it up - BB: “Preston… It’s Big Brother’s song”.
  • theres a lot of the usual last diary room thoughts. Finale was 3 out in the 1st half, (Traci, and to a bit of my surprise, Pete and Preston), then Maggot announced. They then had the last house action highlights in between, then 2nd half of finale, Michael 2nd and ironically, Chantelle winning) Then Big Mouth Finale.

  • On Big Mouth, a few of the last episodes had some good pair ups on main guests: Vanessa Feltz and John Mccriirick, George and Uri Geller (who along with the audience, helped rehab Lil Paul Scholls the doll (who by now had The Snakes legs, dipped in a bowl of custard, rice crispies taped to the head along with an Owl also taped to him), Dermot was on and again in the Finale with Chantelle, which also featured some of the CBB4 housemates, Vanessa Feltz, John McC, Jade (BB3), Jon Connell and the other regular BB fanatics/audience members and several BB6 housemates (Anthony, Eugene, Makosi, Craig, Science). Ill recap more on the Full season recap bit.
  • After that it was just the last BBLB reunion episode which featured some wards and interviews, plus a performance by Maggot and GLC, and the performance of ‘Kandy Floss’ with Chantelle of I Want It Right Now to end before the montage.

    Next: Full Season thoughts and Housemates
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CBB4 Overall last notes;
  • I think this has been the best CBB thus far, it definitely built again on what CBB3 had switched up from the first 2, by extending the show just a tad further, and also expanding the cast, and what a cast it was.
  • Looking back though it did challenge and make us think on the nature of Celebrity; case in Point Chantelle coming in, compared against someone like Faria, some of them also having somewhat of a point to prove, or having their reasons for doing the show questioned and analysed. Whether it was Michael attempting a ‘comeback’ to someone of George’s ‘importance’ in the outside world risking tarnishing his reputation by going on a show like BB (although it being compared to pollies doing silly things in the name of charity for something like a telethon or Red Nose Day etc), in pursuit of a broader objective of connecting with a different voting demographic, or indeed, helping a charity.
  • Jodie’s rise to fame and the scrutiny that comes with it was also put under the spotlight, whilst Nationality differences with the Americans were discussed, as well as what is and isn’t straight talking vs Bullying from someone like Pete, whom was deemed someone the others weren’t game to stand up to/hold to account.

  • Just on the Charity aspect, I felt that this series its crept the most away from having the it in the forefront focus. Last CBB they had the additional cash prize for the winner, and the Vote to save the entire run also encouraged perhaps a bit more of a positive spin in doing it for Charity, whereas this season Chantelle was handed 25 000 pound as an afterthought it seemed. I think George was about the only one who openly discussed how participating in the show was doing great things for the Charity he represented (something to do with Palestinians?).
  • Just an interesting observation if this was the point where CBB shifted more into a social commentary spectacle rivalling the Civilian series and less about being put on for charity. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t end up doing something further with ‘I Want It Right Now’ for charity. If they weren’t going to totally Milli Vanilli it, maybe record at least a version with the demo singer whoever she was mixed in with Chantelle and the girls vocals (autotuned to hell whatever they had to do), chuck it up for download or a one off physical single hey presto. It was pretty darn catchy, I ‘m still finding myself singing it lately Haha.

  • BBLB Did reuse a few things from BB6 or altered slightly Such as Queen Cam and the lookalikes etc, they also had a quiz one where they could grab items then gamble it all at the end. It will be interesting to see any differences in BB7. The Breakfast slot was interesting.
  • Big Mouth went down to two main stool guests which I thought worked well, sometimes when they had three given how BM often descends into rowdiness with the audience, sometimes one of them would get drowned out and not get much airtime. I also found it funny that towards the end of the season the text poll started to resemble some of our Thread questions here when hey started adding a final option which was basically along the lines of ‘I dont care about this silly text poll’ which started to win them all and render the whole point of the segment somewhat redundant imo except the final one was about the the ‘Best Mouthpiece’ (which they added some light background mood music to this season) where the silly option E didnt Win and instead they gave it to the ‘boy who sounds like hes calling mouthpiece under duress’. Haha.

  • Lastly the Finale. Davina did mention to Dermot on BBLB that they could’ve had 5 in Finale but Chantelle passed her mission. 6 was still doable and it helped having it be split up around the last highlights show sandwiched in the middle. But otoh maybe they could’ve used another eviction somewhere along the way there to compensate it a little. Like CBB3 the first eviction wasn’t until Day 9 or so, but had a few more HM’s and a few more days than that as well.
  • That’s even without adding another like if Jimmy Saville became an actual housemate like Jackie Stallone did, although in her case that was offset by someone walking as well which brought down the numbers anyway. It was also interesting that none of this seasons evictions was a head to head, it was always 3 up bar the finale. Also they went back to vote to evict until the finale when last CBB had the vote to save from the start.
  • I’ll have to see when I get up to CBB5 whether the number of days/number of housemates/Eviction schedule is tweaked any more.

  • But anyhow it was a pretty engaging season up there with some of the civilian ones that really felt like it had depth to it.

    Next, some last Housemate wrap up thoughts.
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CBB4 Housemates Pt1:

Jodie Marsh:
What more to say really, she started out not really doing herself many favours and coming off whiny about her issues with the media and being in the public eye, her rift with Jordan etc and the initial fur arguments with Pete. Ironically enough though it was the ugly overreaction towards her by George, Pete and and that stage, Michael, that helped her image and public opinion of her shift. At the Finale she said she was done with Reality TV, but she did appear on several other shows and had her own series, as well as we’ll see her pop up again on BBLB and later on C5’s run on Bits On The Side.

Faria Alam: It was interesting watching the debate rage on about Chantelle ‘becoming a celebrity’ when you had it contrasted right alongside her Faria being famous for a specific scandal and not ‘talent’ as such (although Preston did hear about her skills with her mouth). LOL. Although she did kindof run through telling her backstory and how she was similarly trying to rehabilitate her image/address her anger towards he press/British public to how she was perceived, and it seemed she was starting to run a bit stale, she was kinda instrumental in inadvertently stirring up Traci starting the racism questioning, as well as some sort of flirtmance with Dennis, which ended when they were up together and evicted. It seems she will also pop up with commentary in the next CBB.

Rula Lenska: She was a bit of the mothering role in the house, which perhaps she questioned was part of George’s ‘trying too hard’ reasoning for nominating her. Davina told him to smooth things over with her at the Finale. She also had a bit of a rift with Pete telling her to f off and Rula using her Pants of Power to nominate him. Her eviction percentage was somewhat interestingly high compared to Maggot and Traci, both of whom could have easily went over her in that Eviction and the dynamic not changed all too much perhaps. A defining moment of hers would have to be the Animal acting part of the Science task with George acting the Cat. It seems she’s done some TV acting gigs after CBB and stuff.

George Galloway: I think he was a good addition to the show, despite his reasons for being there being constantly analysed and discussed. Overall I think he had noble intentions, and Ive mentioned I could see where he was coming from on some points, but he had horrible approach and got way too caught up in his wounded ego several times which ultimately was his major downfall. Being the ringleader towards Jodie and later Preston/Chantelle and Michael, and just unnecessarily taking things where it didn’t need to go in regards to them.

That being said he did do a lot for his charity, and somewhat presented to the younger demographic, albeit in an alienating way, but also with some humanising moments in the tasks he did, such as the ‘Would you like me to be the Cat’ moment, doing the twist at Preston’s party, and the ‘look of bewilderment when the puppy wont come back to you when called’ as performed through Robotic Dance with Pete as part of the lycra bodysuits task. It seems he’s done a bit more Tv Presenting since as well as continued in politics.

Dennis Rodman: At first he just seemed bewildered by the show, and also trying to endure Traci ‘Oh Dennis!’. A bit later he started getting a little randy and flirty with the ladies (but then later said that he wasn’t really into any of them - he said to Davina he couldn’t remember if Madonna was good in bed because to him she’s just one of many many). Then He just started getting bored and kinda like Pete started stirring stuff up for the sake of it I think, like the Cigs argument with Michael, and later Maggot, Traci after she misinterpreted his ‘Im in here because of Colour’ comment. After his censoring at the end of the show, It looks like he briefly did play a basketball game in the UK, and he later appeared on a version of Love Island or something.

Traci Bingham: Seemed to be stuck a lot of the time in everything is rainbow happy positive mode with her accented ‘valley girl’ voice, although she did have some moments where the mask appeared to be slipping. I think she also just actively avoided conflict because perhaps she didn’t really know how to respond as evidenced by that night in the lounge with Pete. It looks like she also did a few other reality tv shows.