Bachelor In Paradise 2018


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ok so I watched After Paradise on tenplay ... Michael and Elora ... there was no chemistry with them they said but they were good friends

Michael’s opinion of Simone “She is like a 2 year old - if you say something to her and she doesnt agree she just refuses to listen, walks away ...”

Elora handled the interview well and wasnt bitchy at all ... I actually liked her after the interview (I will probably change my mind again tomorrow <its a crimmys prerogative to do so!?!>. It was very big of her to save Eden tonight ... I was not expecting that at all ...

tomorrow it will be Thomas coming back - he has to go on a date with Megan otherwise where did that photo of her with him in the pool come from?!

with Michael walking they needed another male back in ... not only would he have been still there BUT it was obvious that Megan was conflicted and they would want to stir a “couple” up

Davey Lloyd doesnt come back if his comments on instagram are to be believed


More comments later, but...
Oh my god at Eden. Is he a bit unstable?
Idiotic of Elora to save him anyway.
who is it with the long black hair that Megan kisses?
And who is the shock returnee who freaks Jake out? Didn't look like Florence.