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Bachelor In Paradise 2018

Mr Stickyfingers

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If Jarrod was upset Keira got more attention than him then he is a very delusional person.
...haha!... if he went onto a 'Reality' show to find 'love' for real then perhaps he is totally delusional my friend lol!... cheers.
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Team LaPags!
Keira is fascinating when you consider what she has been able to do, she is a Bachelor Villian, but not mean especially
She's capitalised on every opportunity but there is not a hell of a lot left for her to do now apart from shill on Instagram. She doesn't have the talent to host anything or be the side-kick girl (and even Heather failed at that). Her only hope is a re-run on Bachelor In Paradise. If she wants to stay in the public eye or extend herself, she should go get acting lessons and perhaps befriend Sam Frost.


Keira is blaming Jarrod for the breakup, saying that she moved in with his whole family, when they were supposed to be getting a place together. Jarrod spent more time with his mum than her, and broke up via text.