Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 14 Discussion


Me neither. Surely breaking up the David/Luke alliance is far more important than voting out someone you find annoying or untrustworthy, Andy *might* have been on the Contenders side in future votes, D & L certainly won;t be.

Andy did ,manage one bit of greatness on his way out. Now everyone knows David has an idol, and David has no idea how he knew.

I don't quite understand the "I didn't want to vote for you but everyone else was" attitude. Nothing is going to get Shaun into Luke & David's good books, so why worry what they think?
People like Baden and John are far too "honourable" to be making moves like that. Which is why they are perfect putty to the likes of David and Luke.


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It was a missed opportunity tonight with the Andy pile on. The play to save him with the idol was the right plan. Just needed the teeniest amount of trust amongst a few Contenders and they would have had their pick of who to send home. I think the champs have won the psychological battle, the contenders are a bust.


i wish the contenders played more like david and luke. using their heads instead of their hearts. this emotional gameplay from them will be the reason a champion wins survivor.

though i'm just wondering how bad Andy was that all the tribe were willing to vote for him. i mean sure he did do some dumb things strategically, but he seemed pretty harmless from the edit.


After last night's episode I don't want any of the remaining contender's to win. They've proven themselves far too emotional and weak.

I just hope that Janine and Pia strike against David before he moves against them.


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Really enjoying this season, justifiably great ratings for Channel 10 too.
Janine winning the whole thing would be awesome, I like Baden and Harry also.
Luke's always great value.
David? Great personality and player.


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I should've said, at the beginning.
Seems to be Simon getting the invisible edit right now. Even during the challenge last night I had tipped him to win, and he barely got a mention. I had to check the wiki in case he'd been voted out already. I thought I'd made a terrible tipping error for a moment there.


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Great episode - glad Andy has gone even though would have preferred the Contenders to have the number. Pia - it's no good saying you'll get David out if you don't take your opportunity to approach the Contenders to do so. Andy has probably ensured David is safe for the next round, and knowing David he'll win Immunity and find another Idol too.

I'm surprised also the Champions didn't realise they could use Andy as the 7th vote to get a bigger player out in a 7-5 vote. He's no big loss to the Contenders really - if they'd got the numbers to evict David he'd have probably told them anyway.