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Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 14 Discussion


so I guess Shaun knew Daisy was never going to play the idol for Andy.

still, would have loved to have seen it.


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Andy had some decent ideas but the edit always wanted to make him a joke, you don't have to be one of the spoiler people here to predict he wasn't getting to the end. Of course if you do know spoilers it's very easy to support people who do go far, though I don't consider that an achievement of any kind.


Oh. FFS.
Hang on what!? I wasn't listening to Andy after he was evicted. Did he say he didn't know that David had an idol but just threw it out there to cause trouble?
Yes, but with a huge a blight on Andy's character for David to leverage (again), his parting shot will probably be more like a deflating 'whoopee' cushion.
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Wow a unanimous vote for Andy. I don't understand why the contenders would allow that to happen?
Me neither. Surely breaking up the David/Luke alliance is far more important than voting out someone you find annoying or untrustworthy, Andy *️might*️ have been on the Contenders side in future votes, D & L certainly won;t be.

Andy did ,manage one bit of greatness on his way out. Now everyone knows David has an idol, and David has no idea how he knew.

I don't quite understand the "I didn't want to vote for you but everyone else was" attitude. Nothing is going to get Shaun into Luke & David's good books, so why worry what they think?