Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 14 Discussion


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Tuesday: The first challenge consists of a series of temptations. What will the hungry survivors fall for? And one survivor makes sure that if they're going down, they're going down in flames.


Oh great, sounds like it doesn't necessarily mean big guys will win few women left they need to give them a fighting chance

And go Baden:) I really want him to go, ha, ha, ha to people that wanted to vote him out as the weakest link


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It could the food auction. Yikes, almost as bad as 'loved ones' Hate that phrase. I still don't know who I'd want as my 'loved ones' except for my sister's dog, lol.
The dog (Opal) is the family favourite and most popular member. I can go months without seeing her and her family and we all live in Melbourne and I can go a while without seeing our parents due to my shift work etc. I'd prefer to see some friends from work to be honest. Mum and Dad aside I suppose, lol.


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Wonder if Ross can sue, having them swinging above that irregular ditch looks a bit negligent to me.