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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 3 Discussion


Dogs are the best people
Don't forget it is a game. And it was down to Jackie or Damien so she was just fighting for her position. Damien even voted for Jackie over Russell last tribal. Also did Jackie actually say he was a liability? I can't remember? Lydia did the previous episode and she had voted for him too. Also pretty much everyone in the tribe voted for him so I really think the blame should be shared if you want to blame someone. I am just looking at it from another angle. I wish they had voted someone else out personally. And I agree that they could have given Damien a reason that wouldn't have hurt him personally. If they had waited until/if he caused them to lose a challenge it would have made more sense. I don't know why Shane wasn't targeted, she was the reason they lost the challenge along with Jackie.

Anyway it's interesting that Survivor superfans think that Jackie was just playing the game and can't understand the anger.