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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 2 Discussion

Mr Stickyfingers

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...it was brought to my attention by Meglos from another thread that I'd forgotten to cross out Matt from the night before so here you go... cheers.

survivor chart 2018.jpg


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...I wonder how Damien would have fared in that challenge if he had to have played?... pretty hard I imagine?... cheers.
I see a lot of amputees as part of my work life - it is amazing what they can do with prosthesis. And they are bloody adaptable people
...yes I know how versatile they can be but I've seen an amputee at a beach take his legs off to go for his swim and put them back on when he got out of the water so I'm assuming that Damien would probably have top do the same delcan... if he did it pretty well stuffs him up time wise in scaling walls etc I imagine?... they were wise to let him sit that one out I guess?... cheers.
Depends on his training, I guess.
...I'd like to see him in one of the swimming and climbing challenges to seewhether he keeps his legs on or off now lol!... I'm imagining that he would probably leave them on during a time challenge but would they weigh him down while swimming I wonder?... I've never really thought of this before tonight's show... I've always assumed that they all swim with them off but now I'm not too sure?... now I'm sooooo curious!... lol!... cheers.
I see we had the same kind of thoughts Mr S.

For me just seeing the challenge tonight with them running into the water and then with the platform made me think. I mean running in water is hard enough with flesh legs so I can't imagine how it'd be with prosthetic legs no matter how well you've adapted. I don't doubt he could do it, because as you said Delcan amputees are remarkably adaptive, it's more the time in which it'd take him to do it. Which isn't something he can control; so therefore isn't really something he should be penalised for. It's why we have things like the Paralympics because it's not fair to have them compete against Olympians. But in a challenge like tonight's where there's no avoiding the more demanding parts he's always going to have that unfortunate time penalty. All this isn't to say I don't think he should be on the show, in fact I quite like him, it's more that you would think the producers would have tweaked the challenges to be a bit more fairer and accommodating.

Oh and he did take his legs off earlier in the show when they went swimming. So I assume he would do so always.


Here to Reign™
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Booo at the blurring, I thought only the yanks did that.

Btw congrats on blitzing the sweep as usual. Do you have a complete chart of every result, or just a time machine? :)
I know! I want the uncensored version. As for my predictive abilities I did think tonight was a no hope when Russell found that bloody idol last night. Luckily for me my patented OFF* system still came through for my first week guesses. Ha!

*Old Fat Foreign.

Always if you haven’t done it before
Shows how often I use Tenplay then. :panda: