Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 2 Discussion


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Hi everyone!!

Sneaky Steve is going to find the immunity idol tonight! Mark my words. I don't actually have any proof that will happen though. It's just wishful thinking! :p

Afterwards when Steve saves himself at Tribal Council all his tribe mates will come to fall in love with this "out of this world" character and purely keep him around for entertainment. ;)

That's the only shot I got in staying in the sweeps!


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...okay ladies and gentlemen... avert your eyes at the boys naked bums because you will not be able to concentrate on the rest of the show lol!... I'm glad that sneaky Steve wasn't with them because he was off somewhere looking for an idol I guess?... lol!... cheers.
I guess you must have averted your eye then because he was![DOUBLEPOST=1533202675][/DOUBLEPOST]Can they turn the music down please?