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Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 16 Discussion


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Which girls?

For what it's worth I can't see any of them - Brooke, Flick or El winning.
Those three are the ones thinking they're running this game, none of them will win.
Everyone else got a "friendship" bracelet to cement them into the alliance and use them.


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I think they are at day 35 or so now. By Monday's episode, since there isn't one Sunday, they will be at the number of days of an entire US Survivor season.
Then they will still have a long way to go to the end.


Well what a clusterfuck that was!
I put the failure of the "good guys" plan firmly on Lee.
Firstly, his anger at Nick scared him into playing his idol. It would have been far wiser not to comment on him at all. Nick isn't an idiot, they spelled it out to him that he was a target,
Secondly, Lee played with his "heart", and stuck with his original alliance, against all logic.
These people are very entertaining and the show is sensational, but they're all hopeless at Survivor.

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...I am unable to compare this show alongside any other Survivor shows like you veterans of the show but I can see as to why you are all such big fans of the show... I seriously doubt that I will ever stop watching Survivor regardless of whether it is on here or overseas from this point onwards... I loved 'get me outta here' but this Survivor show is just like Big Brother for me... it has so many twists and turns just like that does but way better scenery lol!... cheers.


This so much fun to watch, never have i seen anything even remotely like on USA S...it's hilarious
so those being blindsided, are now openly going with the stragglers??everyone wants to vote Nick, best neutralising move ever
I love your enthusiasm kxk. I disagree with almost all of your favourites (booooo Brooke), but that's part of the fun of the game, it's the ultimate social experiment. I HATED tonight's result, but I LOVED the episode.


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Maybe you're right. Its a game after all and I usually tend to see it that way as well. It just Im so frustrated at the cool alliance right now. Cant imagine how she's feeling being right there in the moment seeing how helpless the Kylie, Kristie type of players just followiing orders around just to stay for one more tribal.

But yeah its a numbers game and she have to admit, the 3 girls are outplaying everyone right now. I'm just so annoyed that these people are so dumb and needed her to specifically point out the core group since everyelse is soo chicken to even speak up.
Frustrating isn't it.


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Ha! You'll be happy to know I didn't ditch y'all for the Block but rather I had dinner out.
Ok I forgive you but still, see what happens the moment you turn your back?

and AHEM - speaking of turning your back - <insert juicy details here>


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Well I must try and get some sleep so as to present some semblance of a productive employee tomorrow today. Great episode and even greater tribal council albeit with a shit ending.

I really don't understand the game plan of some of these contestants (looking at you Lee and Kylie) and their rusted on barnacle attitude to an alliance that serves only the top three. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

Kate you will always be the one true Survivor winner to me.

XO :kiss:


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Brilliant speech by Nick saying exactly what I'm feeling. These fakes going on about being 'good guys' having 'integrity' and 'honesty', while lying and deceiving. It's like they think they are on Big Brother and talking to the voting audience. Sam is completely useless, the best result would have been him getting blindsided. Unfortunately Brooke and Co decided to take it up with him and the others before tribal. They should have kept the division secret and tried to backdoor him with Nick playing his idol.

Sick of the ganging up on Nick by idiots who don't even know how to play the game. If they are looking at biggest threats then more logically it would be breaking up the Brooke, El, Flick alliance. But they are too stupid and are guided by some set opinions. Maybe Nick won't last much longer anyway but I'm glad he played his idol effectively rather than leaving with it.