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Misogyny be fucked. The house went in balanced; blokes + girls = equal. (*yeah; I know, I'm ignoring personality traits and the actual meaning of misogyny).

We've lost: Gemma. Dion. Katie. Gained: Canuck pantswearer.

You do the math on the girl/boy balance. :)


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On tonight's show Jake said that he thought that Lawson was the alpha male of the house. Do you agrree with him or not? I think Sam is the true alpha male of the house.

I think Lawson’s trying to be, with the whole magic gimmick as the vehicle to do it; impress everyone with something that no one else can do, win their respect, and ultimately their submission. He’s clearly very calculated. Throw in the efforts to be the funniest and most charming, control discussions and dictating what's appropriate behaviour and etiquette in the house (eg. calling out travis and skye on their various antics), and you’ve got fledgling alpha wannabe. So far, pretty much everyone has fallen into line as there doesn’t seem to be any real contender until now.

Just the look on his face when Leo/Ryan entered for the first time; a guy who’s taller, got bigger muscles, good looking..... needless to say, he wasn’t happy about it; he felt threatened almost immediately. Cut to later on after introductions and tour of the house, everyone’s crowded around the new guy and hanging off every word he’s saying. Lawson was no doubt thinking to himself “Oh fuck. This guy’s charming as well, and he can talk as least as well as I do. What can I do about it?...I know!”. He asks the new guy“Wanna see a magic trick?” He does his trick with the cans, and the attention’s back on him, he impresses new guy, and does his magic hands thing. It’s his way of saying “I’m in charge around here. Don’t challenge me.” Leo/Ryan’s already cottoned onto it, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks if there’s any jostling for top spot.

I think to a point that he and Sam are sharing the role, but Sam asserts himself in a much more subtle way. Lawson is loud and bossy, Sam is less so. I think he’s more socially perceptive than Lawson, just by how he’s been about to size up other housemates and his strategic thinking in general, and his actions and manipulations don’t seem to be as noticed as Lawson’s based on what the other housemates have said. They recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so form a partnership to complement each other and strategise together. It’s smart. However, like the rest of them, they both seem pretty clueless about public perception, and there’s an arrogance about what they’re doing, and as previously pointed out, it’s a mistake you can’t make on this show.

Big post, sorry. Interesting topic though.


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Lawson is a natural leader, at least in a social sense. Some people naturally assume the role of social coordinator because they are gregarious and happy to take control. That is Lawson. He is the linchpin of his group.

While Leo is a big personality I can't see him replacing Lawson in this role. I think Leo is a bit more serious than Lawson, which is fine, but more challenging. Lawson is easy going.


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Like Ed last year, I can see Ryan assuming this role, and it being accepted. Lisa seems to be into his okka schtick already. He has started targeting behaviour he sees as geeky, especially if it is done by someone who is ready to lightly ridicule him. He instantly took control of Travy on the stage...
Eating your words now?


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Not eating them. I still think he has his eyes on that position. He has targeted Priya as a threat, and has also probably seen that being alpha male doesn't do anyone any favours - first Travis, then Lawson, fatally for Sam.

Tim stepped in, like Heisenberg warned, and upset the natural balance. He thrust power upon Lawson, and he wasn't ready. He needed time in the background to be awkward and likeable, instead he became a bit of a dick, powerdrunk and arrogant.

As for eating my words, umm, no. Ryan seems to be right there in a power behind the throne sort of way. This house doesn't really have a clear alpha, like last year did, or Dean in 2003 or whenever.

I am hoping it goes to Travis's head, now, and he becomes an unbearable jerk again, and that side of the house - ie, Travis, Aisha, Priya, Skye - get all alpha-y and Trav gets himself voted out.