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🏆 The Speccy Awards 2020

the Theorist

Over-thinker. Over-analyser. Over-complainer.
Awesome site donor
The votes for the 2020 Speccy Awards are in and counted.


Member of the Year
@the Theorist - You're part of the very soul of Behind Big Brother and no season of Big Brother is complete without your insights.

Thread of the Year
Is Xavier circumcised? by @Blobby - Xavier's foreskin may not be long gone but your thread certainly is.

Speculator Memorial Award
@Trala - Where'd you go fuckface? Things just aren't the same without your pixie dust.

Award for Best Newcomer
@Blobby - You're family friendly Big Brother's worst nightmare, but we wouldn't have you any other way.

Award for Most Respected Member
@timmydownawell - The Big Brother ratings may fluctuate but our respect for you and Hans only increases.

Award for Most Loyal Supporter
@reepbot - Your love for the Alpha Alliance was unwavering.

Award for Most Fickle Supporter
@Consuela - With evictions every episode can you really blame me?

Award for Quickest Wit
@MADONNA - Your body may be aged and soft but your mind is still young and sharp.

Award for Creative Excellence
@KTOM - The fastest GIFfer on the net. We can always rely on you to immortalise the best moments.

Award for Insightful Commentary
@the Theorist - We're all still waiting for you to publish the Encyclopaedia of Big Brother.

Award for Outstanding Trolling
@Affable - You're the after dark of JordanS.

Sexual Tension Award
@Fuzz and @MADONNA - Perhaps you can talk about cars on your first date?

Staff Appreciation Award
@Brekkie - We wouldn't want anyone else to keep us antipodeans in check.

Congratulations to all our deserving winners!

And thanks for participating! Full votes can be found here.
Thank you for all you do, @Consuela!

Bit surprised at the results but chuffed nonetheless. Always fun reading through the lists of runners-up too! (@Brekkie was robbed of Most Insightful, IMO. ;))

Congrats to all - winners and runners-up alike!


Well-Known Member
Seriously though @Consuela, if you cannot add it up correctly, don't do it at all..

Quickest Wit category: How did I get 8% and at the same time get 3%?


Here to Reign™
Awesome site donor
Seriously though @Consuela, if you cannot add it up correctly, don't do it at all..

Quickest Wit category: How did I get 8% and at the same time get 3%?
Not sure what you’re seeing but it’s only showing as 11% for Quickest Wit, @Affable. Third position.

Why so bitter?
I've had a look and it came up with 8% for me and 3% for me after another member tipped me off about it.

Consuela must have fixed it.
Indeed I did. Human error on my part. Thanks to whoever picked it up!


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Who on earth voted for Affable and Gayspie for the sexual tension award? I don't think they've ever interacted.

Probably the same idiots who voted me for Most Fickle without me having posted in the BB Discussion threads much this year.

We have a very slow lot here...


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In my opinion, this is a horrible idea.

Anyone going to own up to voting me for the troll award?