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🏆 The Speccy Awards 2020


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straight white ex footy player



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I can't decide between these two dresses for the big awards night.

no one copy me!!!!


or if anyone wants to couples dress with me *hint* *hint*



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Cute idea Consuela.
And I miss your recap of the days events. But I know it’s not even possible with this format. Maybe next year... sigh...


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This thread deserves to be more prominent. Can it be 'stickied' or something?
Foregone conclusion.
I see a blobby and affable clean sweep.
But I await the results and reasons with great anticipation.
Our little microcosm within a bb world within a bb forum within a reality tv framework within a digital gogglebox.


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Christian fundamentalist award for protesting against visceral words of potent sexual desire.......


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The votes for the 2020 Speccy Awards are in and counted.


Member of the Year
@the Theorist - You're part of the very soul of Behind Big Brother and no season of Big Brother is complete without your insights.

Thread of the Year
Is Xavier circumcised? by @Blobby - Xavier's foreskin may not be long gone but your thread certainly is.

Speculator Memorial Award
@Trala - Where'd you go fuckface? Things just aren't the same without your pixie dust.

Award for Best Newcomer
@Blobby - You're family friendly Big Brother's worst nightmare, but we wouldn't have you any other way.

Award for Most Respected Member
@timmydownawell - The Big Brother ratings may fluctuate but our respect for you and Hans only increases.

Award for Most Loyal Supporter
@reepbot - Your love for the Alpha Alliance was unwavering.

Award for Most Fickle Supporter
@Consuela - With evictions every episode can you really blame me?

Award for Quickest Wit
@MADONNA - Your body may be aged and soft but your mind is still young and sharp.

Award for Creative Excellence
@KTOM - The fastest GIFfer on the net. We can always rely on you to immortalise the best moments.

Award for Insightful Commentary
@the Theorist - We're all still waiting for you to publish the Encyclopaedia of Big Brother.

Award for Outstanding Trolling
@Affable - You're the after dark of JordanS.

Sexual Tension Award
@Fuzz and @MADONNA - Perhaps you can talk about cars on your first date?

Staff Appreciation Award
@Brekkie - We wouldn't want anyone else to keep us antipodeans in check.

Congratulations to all our deserving winners!

And thanks for participating! Full votes can be found here.​


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Congratulations to everyone! You were all truly spectacular in so many different ways and I enjoyed your thoughts and observations immensely. Some of my personal favourite posters missed out - so better posting/luck for next year!