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  1. BigBrotherCritic

    Survivor Season 34

    At the end of Survivor Millennials Vs. Gen X, Season 34 was announced, featuring players who were known as Game Changers. I really like the badge for this season. It looks so relaxing with the sky blue. The cast has also been announced with Zeke and Michaela from S33 joining the game.
  2. Brekkie

    Australian Survivor - series review

    Thought it best to leave the finale thread to the finale and just share my general views here. This is the first Survivor series I've watched in full since the UK ended it's two series run back in 2002, although of course it's not a format any reality TV fan is completely unfamilar with, so I...
  3. Brekkie

    Australian Survivor Renewed, casting open

    Great news - Australian Survivor has been renewed and casting is now open. A no brainer really for Ten - might not have been a huge breakout hit but it's been solid, received well and performed brilliantly in the demos, so makes much more sense to try and build on that rather than just throw...
  4. Consuela

    The Jury Villa - Discussion Thread

    So it'll probably be easiest if we keep discussion of the Jury Villa episodes all in one (separate) place. So discuss away! ¡BIG OLD [POSSIBLE] SPOILER WARNING!
  5. Brekkie

    Who do you want to win? (Final 3 poll added)

    Seems about the right time to call it - who do you want to win and who do you think will win? I think he's plotting his own downfall but I've liked Matt from the start and it would be good to see him triumph over the more alpha males. Also really like Kate and Connor is growing on me too, but...
  6. timmydownawell

    Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 4 Discussion

    My stream is playing today! Hooray!
  7. Brekkie

    Cast announced

    http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2016/07/australian-survivor-meet-the-contestants.html Full bios in that TV Tonight link - too large to repost here.