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Survivor Season 34


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At the end of Survivor Millennials Vs. Gen X, Season 34 was announced, featuring players who were known as Game Changers. I really like the badge for this season. It looks so relaxing with the sky blue.

The cast has also been announced with Zeke and Michaela from S33 joining the game.



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Interesting cast. I didn't watch most of Season 33 - I had a Series tag on it but Nien decided to play around with the schedule and I wasn't into the cast enough to try to catch it else where.


The cast doesn't look as bad as I thought, with a few exceptions. I can't stand Brad Culpepper, Troyzan or Tony, and have no recollection of Sierra.


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@delcan !!

(That middle picture) :jawdrop:
Lol, Debbie is unforgettable. I was thinking to myself after I posted it (and edit time had passed) - what if this Season is wildly popular and this turns into a very popular thread - people will look back at that post on the first page and be like "wtf is wrong with this person?". But we haven't even passed the first page.....


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Can't wait for this season. Tony, Sandra, Cirie, Malcolm, Tai, Ciera, Jeff Varner, Debbie! The only one I don't like at all is Sierra. She was boring as fuck she shouldn't be on an All Star season nor should Caleb for that matter. If they replaced Sierra with Kass and Caleb with Jonny Fairplay I'd be far more excited for it.


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What a good cast. Nuku tribe, I guess JT, Ozzy, Culpepper bro down, with Tai as a mascot - I think Ozzy will dig Tai. And Zeke may get an in there. Andrea will go with those boys. It's good Sierra is there, because someone has to go home first. I hope Cirie learnt something from HvV - if she and Tom, the two best strategists, had worked together instead of targeted each other so pointlessly, they both could have done a lot better. JT was was instrumental, and pretty bloody effective, in the Cirie dismissal, so there may be some bad blood there. If the strategists, Cirie, JT, Andrea and Zeke can hold off targeting each other, and avoid just getting out everyone who can win them a challenge straight away (see you, Brad Culpepper), then they could make a formidable alliance. Ozzy is unquestionably the greatest of all Survivors ever at water (and most other) challenges, but I wonder if he can play nice or play smart yet. I really hope they employ the 'meat sheild' theory, and decide to keep the threats around, vote out Sierra, Sarah and the crazy lady, but unfortunately I don't think Cirie would allow the tribe to get too butch, so she will either go early or some of the Bros will, then they'll lose all the challenges and we lose what could be the best bro powerhouse. If that does happen, let it be Brad who goes home. Ozzy must be cut at Cirie still, and she with JT, but I hope the genuine legends can hold off of each other, get out the nobodies and idiots (S,S & DW, BCP, respectively), and we can have a really interesting merge. Get Tony Vlachos (yes!), Malcomb, and Beastmode into that bro alliance. Andrea and Malcomb have history, but I still think that side is where she goes.

The other tribe has the freaks. Aubry, Jeff, Troyzan, Sandra, Tony, Hali, Ciera and Malcomb are all 'fight the dominant' type of people, if not players. I think the freak flag will be flying strong here, and waving to the likes Tai, Zeke, Cirie, who don't fit in with my (entirely speculative) bro alliance, on the other beach. Big threats here, though. I really, really hope they are beyond just going with the old ASS 'vote out the winners' stuff, and use the Jeremy/Adam Kline 'keep a meat shield in front of you' strategy. If so, I guess Sandra wins again. Otherwise, no way Cirie keeps her around, if Cirie makes the merge, which I doubt.

Anyway, good cast, with some cannon fodder built in, and icky rivàlries and obvious challenge beast - Ozzy, Culpepper, Beastmode - Freaks, All Rounders - Malcomb, JT, Andrea, Michaela, Strategists - Cirie, Jeff, Sandra. Oh. It'll be good. Great year for Survivor.


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I find Ozzy deeply boring. Some of these folk I barely remember, even Sandra who has won twice! But there are enough of my all-time favourites in this cast for me to be really looking forward to this season. Bring it on!

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...please don't tell me that it will be shown on Channel 9... if it is... it's doomed... (see my rant on the other thread... my apologies in advance)... cheers.


LOL @Mr Stickyfingers
I too detest 9, and sometimes lose stuff i like because it is on 9, but doomed 9Survivor is not unfortunately.
It has been hanging in there, wherever 9 slots it, often close to midnight for more than a decade.

It means I have missed series, when I can't find it, it's over when I find it, it's on too late and I can't be bothered.
If it doesn't grab me quickly, I just fade - and it is 10's version got me interested enough to watch almost the whole 9 series again.

Ozzy is so pretty though @Melore , as long as he gets lots of water/underwater ozzy the fish shots I will be happy. just don't talk much.


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@Mr Stickyfingers now your first Survivor US will be an All Stars and you won't know who anyone is. You'll have to download the following seasons and cram them before March:

Kaoh Rong
Blood V Water
Millennials V Gen X
Cook Islands
Pearl Islands
Worlds Apart
Redemption Island

Plus, the following (optional because they have a few contestants from the above):

Heroes V Villians
South Pacific

Have fun! lol


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I think some of those we've been discussing here have at the very least partly been put on for their assumed good looks as well.


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too bad if anyone new ever wanted to go on the show...

survivor lately is all about just retreading past contestants