Executive producer answers your questions – Part 2

The man behind Big Brother Australia Alex Mavroidakis is back to answer more questions from BBBA members following a special invitation by our very own Goon to ask him anything you really wanted to know. Continue reading Executive producer answers your questions – Part 2

Big Brother answers your questions – Part 1

Last week BBBA veteran Goon asked members for their questions for Big Brother’s executive producer Alex Mavroidakis – and over the last couple of days he has answered them.   Here are the answers to the first batch of questions: Continue reading Big Brother answers your questions – Part 1

Matthew Filippi is one of this year’s housemates

Matt is the first of presumably more housemate-based promos airing in the lead up to the launch next Monday. Thanks to various Behind Big Brother users we can reveal additional information about Matt that Big Brother may not want you to know:

Continue reading Matthew Filippi is one of this year’s housemates

No live feeds? Try Snail Brother

Snail Brother logoBetting agency Sportsbet.com.au have come up with their own solution to the lack of live internet feeds coming from the house – Snail Brother. Watch a house of snails go about their lives, complete a cardboard cutout of Sonia Kruger watching over them.

Sportsbet.com.au told us “We have decided as there are no live streams this year in the Big Brother house, we will live stream snails in their own house. Will the snails be more exciting than the actual Big Brother Housemates?”

You can tune in to watch the snail housemates here.

Snail Brother CamAnd on the topic of Big Brother betting, current odds with Sportsbet.com.au at the time of writing are:

A male to win – $1.67

Female to win – $2.10

Big Brother not to return in 2013 – $2.50

A housemate to be removed by producers $3.00

Stay tuned for more action from the Snail Brother house:

Celebrity Big Brother returns?

As the official site goes completely live this evening there have been a number of launch bugs – as to be expected with any website launch – but one particular gaffe has caught our eye.

At time of writing, the HTML title field for housemate profile pages reads “<Name> | Celebrity Big Brother | Big Brother Australia”.

Adding fuel to the fire, comedian Scott Dooley posted on Twitter over the weekend: “I’ve been asked to do celebrity Big Brother, I qualify because I’m an unemployed & not a celebrity.” The tweet has since been removed, but Google’s cache has a copy.

Australia has seen one season of Celebrity Big Brother before, back in 2002. D-list celebrity housemates included Red Symons, Anthony Mundine, Warwick Capper, Adriana Xenides and others.

Housemate photos

For all of those who can’t wait until tonight’s launch show to see photos of the housemates – you’re in luck. We’ve matched up photos of the housemates revealed in last week’s teaser promos with those that entered the house during last night’s launch show taping.


As previously reported, this is Josh Moore, who works for Nova in Adelaide and is a rock singer and surfer.


We’ve also known about Michael for a while now. He’s 26, from Gympie in Queensland and is a Junior Copywriter for a Brisbane ad agency.


Law student and skater girl.


Farmer girl. Not keen on asylum seekers who arrive by boat.


A ‘checkout chick’. He’s small, a self-described geek, and suffers from a stutter. He lives in a town of only 1,200 and works (and lives) in his family’s supermarket.


Works at Draculas on the Gold Coast and likes the ‘vintage’ look.
Photo by Felicia Kosegi from mydailynews.com.au.

Big thanks to Ryan on our forum.

Launch night wrap

So we’ve pieced together the details from our spies in the audience and it was an eventful (albeit long) Big Brother launch!

Mike Goldman was back on board to keep the crowd excited – and the fact that he came out shuffling set the tone for the night pretty early! A couple of times throughout the night they got the whole audience shuffling to use in TV promos for show that will air throughout the day tomorrow. Mike also played games, asking people to point out anyone taking pictures. And there were a LOT of tickets for the Tuesday night show being handed out! By the end of the show a roll of tickets was just being passed around for anyone who wanted some.

The fire:

The show opened with a short montage video and a group of dancers doing the shuffle to introduce new host Sonia Kruger. There were even pyrotechnics going off around them – but after the new opening titles had rolled, a couple of the pyro launchers on the roof caught fire and dropped to the stage. It left a nasty black mark on their shiny new entrance ramp! Luckily the fires were very small, and there wasn’t enough smoke that the auditorium had to be evacuated.

The Housemates:

After a delay while the damage was cleaned up, Sonia attempted her introduction again and we got to meet the first housemate of 2012 – Michael. He’s an advertising copywrier, and is quite charismatic and likeable. He’s the bloke with the long orange hair that was seen in one of the housemate promos.

Michael entered the house through the former arena doorway and proceeded to make himself very comfortable, flopping over chairs and inspecting just about every object in every room.

The next four housemates to enter were all women:

Sarah – works in car sales. Pretty likeable.
Angie – Bubbly blonde sales rep.
Zoe – farmer girl. Not keen on asylum seekers who arrive by boat.
Layla – Unemployed, from Manchester in the UK (and has the accent to match). Only came to Australia in February.

The women found themselves locked into the ‘parlour’, a closed-off room with a very pink colour scheme and a pair of monitors with a live feed showing Michael making himself at home in the main house (that’s right, the housemates got a live feed, unlike us!) 

Finally Michael got a mate – rock singer and surfer Josh. Michael actually got called into the Diary Room (that conversation is covered on the official diary). As Michael and Josh got into the snacks another three women made their way into the parlour. By the time the last one arrived they’d already drunk all their alcohol!

Charne – Works at Draculas on the Gold Coast and likes the ‘vintage’ look.
Estelle – Law student and skater girl. She was in the promos wearing the Lakers top.
Stacey – Accounts manager.

By this point the blokes were aware there were women somewhere, they had been able to hear them through the walls.

The tenth and final housemate was ‘checkout chick’ Bradley. He’s small, a self-described geek, and suffers from a stutter. He lives in a town of only 1,200 and works (and lives) in his family’s supermarket. Being a bloke, he entered straight into the main house.

The ‘Secret’ task:

Big Brother spoke to the seven women and told them that they would be given a list of secrets, and had one week to match the secret to the male housemates. They could only discuss the task in the parlour, which would be opened at BB’s discretion. The task would be failed if the males found out about it. Pass the task, and they would be safe from the first eviction. Fail, and it would be one of them leaving. The eight secrets included having been fired from every job he ever had, had the IQ of a genius, had dated over 100 girls, is related to royalty, and is a multi-millionaire!

With that the girls were released into the house to meet the three blokes!


More male housemates will be heading into the house on Tuesday night’s live show.

A few extra notes…

The House: You’ve probably already seen a lot of the photos, but here’s a few extra tidbits. Most of the doors between rooms are automatic sliding doors. The Parlour was accessed through a corridor at the side of the lounge area, to the left of the punishment room. The Diary Room had a red colour scheme, and the glass doors leading through to it were tinted red by lights. There’s a set of shelves in the bedroom that slides away to reveal a secret area (this was demonstrated in a video package, not live). The gym area in the backyard is empty for now. Also in the backyard is a pizza oven!

Prize money: Sonia confirmed the prize is once again $250,000.

Graphics: The opening titles for the show were the same look as the promo that saw the BB eye coming together from various pieces. Apparently they were nothing special – one person at the live show told us they were the weakest-looking titles the show has had; that the eye/logo animation was very flat and two-dimensional.

Theme: The iconic Big Brother theme is back, this time it was more like a dance remix.

The set: The UK-inspired stage saw housemates enter through a large eye (with an iris opening that stopped working and stayed open after the second housemate entered), chatting with Sonia for a few minutes, slapping hands with the carefully-trained front row, and then exiting up some stairs off to the side. On one side of the set was a large video screen, which was frequently used as a backdrop when Sonia spoke to the camera. One of the images used on it was a huge control room-style split screen showing live views from about 20-30 of the cameras in the house!

Thanks very much to those who contacted us as well as Josh, ChemicalFear and Phoenix12 in our forums. And be sure to join the chat right now!

Launch night blog

After four years, Big Brother returns to our screens….tomorrow night. As is tradition with the Australian version, housemates actually enter tonight and we see the launch on television screens tomorrow night. With the help of our forum members and ‘goons’, I’ll try to keep you updated throughout the night. Earlier info will fall to the bottom of the page, newer updates will appear at the top of the page. Enjoy!

9:23pm: We’ve lost our source of info so I’m basically just re-hashing stuff from the official site for the moment. We do have at least one more member on the ground who will update us all in a little while once the opening has finished filming, so I might end this shift here. Stay tuned for further updates shortly…

9:20pm: According to the official site, 3 housemates have met each other and have entered one room. They have a TV in the room and are watching a fourth housemate, a male, who is in the house proper by themselves.

9:19pm: Finally, a picture. This was used for one of the two housemates so far who have entered…

9:01pm According to the official site, two housemates have entered the house but they are in different sections of it. One of the housemates can see the other via a TV. There’s also a debate on the name of housemates who have been introduced, we believe they are Michael, Sarah, Angie, Bobbie, Laia and Josh. Apologies about the earlier reference to Makayla.

8:35pm: As is tradition, we’ve again crashed on opening night. Updates to follow in a few minutes once I’m back up to speed.

8:20pm Oops, went and watched the start of the marathon! While I’ve been gone a few housemates have been on stage

7:57pm: Fourth housemate is Makayla…and apparently she is not impressed, whatever that means. PICTURES PLEASE!!

7:49pm: Well this is all rather boring – I want to see some pics!!! I’ll be back as news comes through

7:45pm: Mike is giving away free tickets to Tuesday’s show – rentacrowd is on standby though if there are no takers. Next housemate is single and loves to hang out with the boys. It’s Angie.

7:43pm: With confirmed reports suggesting that housemates have entered the house, we believe it’s time that Big Brother’s live update twitter account (the one to replace the live feeds) should kick into action…don’t you? C’mon @BBAULIVE

7:29pm: Second housemate is Sarah…we seemed to have stopped the photo updates which is disappointing, sorry guys, as soon as I see any I will post. According to BB’s twitter feed, Michael has entered the house.

7:19pm:First housemate is Michael. People will think he is the worst person in the world.

7:10pm: MAYDAY…….THE ROOF IS ON FIRE….taping has stopped and the fire is slowly bring put out. GREAT START!!!

7:02pm: And we’re away!!! Sonia Kruger takes to the stage. Tells the audience that this years prize money is a staggering…wait for it….$50,000. Here’s a screengrab of the autocue for Sonia to read…


6:54pm: The @bbau9 twitter account has told the audience to tag any photos/info as ‘spoilers’ – how very sweet. If you are reading this blog, consider everything on this page to be ‘spoiler’ related. Cheers!

6:50pm: The poor poor audience….Mike Goldman has taken the stage. But that’s not why they should be upset…it’s because he’s asked them to try and do the Big Brother shuffle!

6:40pm:First pictures of the stage are coming through – looks to be VERY inspired by BBUK!


6:31pm: Ticket holders have started to fill the auditorium in preparation for tonight’s filming. While they make their way to seats, Big Brother staffers are handing out cards with the new logo on them. On the page they contain information about Facebook and Twitter.



Meet the housemates

Earlier this week, after the housemates were placed in lockdown, Channel Nine began airing teaser adverts ‘revealing’ six potential housemates. It quickly became apparent that many of them would definitely actual housemates – some were confirmed as actors by their friends on our forums, and others didn’t fit the information already announced by the official Big Brother website (such as no housemate older than their mid-30s).

As part of the promotion there were several state-specific adverts aired, as well as generic adverts which aired in most states. On viewing most of the adverts, it has become clear that many contain the same five actors/decoys, with one genuine housemate in each. Here are screengrabs from the adverts:

Western Australia (YouTube)

South Australia

This appears to be Josh Moore, who has already been rumoured to be a housemate. Josh works for Nova in SA.

Queensland (YouTube)

It has been confirmed that this person went in to lockdown last Saturday. He’s 26, from Gympie, and broke up with his long-term girlfriend to be in the house. He works as a Junior Copywriter for a Brisbane ad agency.

Thanks to buck07, Ken and marquisite on our forums

Promo shots from the new house

Woah. Promo photos from the Big Brother house in newspapers today show a house that is very, very different in design from the typical BB Australia house of seasons long ago. Welcome to a house based on the past, present and future.

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but the kitchen is past, backyard area is present, and the bathroom, bedroom + bathroom + living room is future.

What do you think of the photos? Discuss in our uncensored, unofficial discussion forums!

The kitchen area:
Kitchen area

The Kitchen Area 2


BB Bathroom

BB Bathroom

Sonia poses outside:

In this first photo, we suspect that whatever is behind the white rectangular ‘arch’ has been photoshopped out. It’s likely this will be the entryway to the main house.

Outdoor area blanked

Sonia outside

Outdoor area

BB Sonia spa

BB backyard no Sonia

The bedroom:
The Bedroom

The house with fake ‘test’ housemates:
House with fake housemates

Pre-launch news wrap up

Big Brother 2012 eyeBig Brother launches this weekend! Here’s a wrap up of recent bits-and-pieces you need to know before the premiere:

  • Housemates will enter over three nights throughout the first week, so we won’t meet all of them within the short 90 minute launch episode.
  • Promos ‘revealing’ potential housemates have been screening on Channel Nine, however we’ve learnt most of the people shown are paid actors or models. There’s a good chance all of the people in the ads have been paid to be there.
  • And speaking of housemates, the rumour that rugby player Greg Bird would be entering the house has been debunked. Although making it through to the second round of auditions, he’s back on the field next week.
  • Some broken promises: The “nightly adult show” that Peter Wiltshire from Channel Nine said would screen on GO! channel is not happening (at least not in the first two weeks of the season).
  • There will be no Friday Night Live.
  • Holden has signed on as a major sponsor which means it’s quite likely the winner (and possibly the finalists) will receive a new car as well as prize money. Check out our comprehensive and revealing twitter interview with their public relations department :-)