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Matthew Filippi is one of this year’s housemates

Genuine or in it for a modelling career?

21 July 2013

Posted by marquisite

Matt is the first of presumably more housemate-based promos airing in the lead up to the launch next Monday. Thanks to various Behind Big Brother users we can reveal additional information about Matt that Big Brother may not want you to know:

  • Matt Filippi27 years old from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (pictured left)
  • Has served in the Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan as a Private
  • Recently started a new relationship after previously breaking up with his fiancé
  • Works as an electrician
  • Signed onto an agent looking for a career as a model/actor
  • Has a twin brother (pictured right)

Speculation is ripe on our forums whether Matt’s twin brother may be involved in the series this year as part of the twist.

Matt’s personal Facebook account has since been locked down.

Matthew Filippi