Retweet x10,000 for Big Brother AU?

Channel 10, you're such a Twitter tease!

The 2019 Upfront events for both 7, 9 and 10 have been and gone without any hints of a BBAU revival, so what is 10’s social media team up to with this BBAU tweet?

@Channel10AU: 10,000 RTs and we’ll talk [about BBAU]

At just over 350 retweets at the time of posting, it’s a long way to 10,000. Nevertheless, is the newly rebranded Channel 10 (previously ten) up to something or are they just pulling our leg? If you’d like 10 to give BB another crack, then it might be time to get on board the RT hype.

Channel 10 last aired Big Brother Australia in 2008, ten years ago. A number of changes, such as the imminent launch of online subscription streaming platform 10 All Access makes this network the ideal candidate for a BB reboot.

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