What type of housemates did BB pick?

Producers wanted housemate pairs, but not older contestants

bb-auditionBig Brother is naturally staying tight lipped about the housemates who are soon in lock down, but what type of housemates were chosen by producers? Let’s hear from those who made it through to the final audition rounds.

Looking for older housemates…?

Off the back of criticism the 2013 house was very “young and white”, the housemate hunt team along with host Sonia Kruger made countless media appearances to tell Australia they were “determined to find older housemates, including professionals and parents”.

Unfortunately the vast majority of stories we’ve received from those who got through to the later audition stages say this wasn’t so…

There were quite a few “older” people [in Brisbane], around 35+ and none of them got through, I thought they would target them more since they really emphasised older professional types, but it was just the young ones that progressed, quite typical.

I don’t care what they say they want this year, I don’t think it’s older people, I went to the first Melbourne auditions and made it to round two, I was watching the people before me who got through to round three, a nice little red head who was in my group for round one got through to round two but the whole time I was there not one older person got through to round three.

There was definitely an interest in ‘older’ people in the early rounds but I was the only ‘older’ person sitting around waiting for round 3 until just before I left when another older (looked older than me) woman came in. I could really see the ‘characters’ of people who I sat with waiting for round 3 (jock, glamour, sporty but dumb glamour, dorky hilarious guy, etc).

But they’re definitely after relatives…

bb-audition2So while the producers might not be delivering on the ‘housemates above 30’ promise, auditionees said there was a common theme in all audition cities – the producers were obsessed with casting relatives, couples and friends together. This may be linked to the first 2014 promo which featured couples entering the Big Brother ark.

I was at Canberra today, mums and daughters getting through even though [they’re] B.A.B.S. (boring as bat shit)

They definitely want relatives this year, we got asked if we know anyone auditioning or we were together, and I saw also they approached someone who was with a friend and asked her to audition as well.

What else?

  • Many housemate hopefuls commented that attendee numbers were well below 2013. In some cases, particularly on the second day of auditions in a city, you could walk straight in to register. The flip side being you then had to wait a long time for audition groups to fill up.
  • Gay men were being shown the door en masse, the show is keen to not have another 2012 Ben too soon.
  • We found this story from an auditionee particularly interesting:

I was asked if I had ever been cheated on and what I thought of the Tully drama…. It seemed to be a very deliberate question.

What type of housemate do you want to see on this year’s show? Leave a comment below or discuss it on our forums.

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24 Replies to “What type of housemates did BB pick?”

  1. One with an unusual name.

    It must be their real name and not variations on traditional names.

    Something along the lines of Turkan, Mirabai, Tully, Gaelan, Demet, Constance, Dixie and Nobbi.

  2. I do hope they let gays into the house. I feel this is needed – they’ve had great gay’s in the past before apart from Ben, I think they chose him because he was more of a “Mummies boy” and less “gay” though, but it’ll be interesting to see the relationships.

  3. “Gay men were shown the door” Oh Christ. Do the producers think all gay men are like Ben or Benjamin (from 2012)? We aren’t. In fact, both of them are the least likeable gay men I’ve seen on television.

  4. Agreed. I forget his name, but the corset maker was a really fun & Benjamin was better then Ben (the one with Stacey) but there is normal gay guys like David.

  5. Exactly.

    That’s just discriminating and pathetic. Why do they think gay men are like the Bens? Sure, Benjamin was ‘normal’ acting, but he was rude (that isn’t because he was GAY!).

  6. Wait how is no one talking about the 40 days and 40 nights pre-show banter and then this whole ark idea? This is clearly the twist for this season, couple or pairs.. or even on the first night strangers and placed into teams and compete as a team until the ratings drop and the twist is dropped like mid season. Also about the “gay men were shown the door” comment, I would say (and take note I am gay) that many over the top flamboyant gay men don’t actually have personalities, as their personality is being gay. Whereas a producer, for a tv show about interesting people, would much rather a person who happens to be gay and then have a separate and completely interesting personality. That is what Ben was from last year, super gay yet charming, witty and a complete odd ball.

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