Day 54

Michael is wearing Angie’s Rolling Stones t-shirt and is dancing for the housemates. Stacey suggests he dances like chicken.

Zoe is in the diary room saying she’s feeling obsessed about Michael. She would never like a guy like that on the outside “the fact that I can’t have him, makes me want him”. “I will see him and eyes are straight on him and I watch him go past and I’ll say love you”. But he’ll walk on by.

Later on Angie asks Bradley how he’s feeling. Bradley is giving very short answers and he seems very melancholy. He says “I’d hate to go home and feel it’s been a terrible week”. However he doesn’t know what will make him feel better “something from home or the Dark Knight (movie)”.

Afterwards Michael tells Ben he’s concerned about Bradley. Ben says they can’t talk about nominations but they can acknowledge there’s a 19 year old boy in the house who has collected a lot of nomination points based on a generation gap and that’s unfair”.

Later (the footage keeps cutting), Ben has talks to Sam about how he feels they don’t know each other much and wonders if Ben has been lazy in getting better or what. Sam says he thinks that he’s maybe putting up a bit of a wall and he does that, and he thinks that’s why he’s never fallen in love. He’s scared of being thrown back at him.

Layla and Zoe are inside talking about the same thing. Zoe comments that Sam came into the house not looking for anything, but Layla is looking for a fairy tale. They both joke about how they over-analyse things like text messages when it comes to guy and have a big laugh.

Sam continues with Ben that they haven’t bonded very much in the house, along with Estelle, Stacey and Michael. Ben say they’re his closest friends – Stacey wants to be more fit so if you helped her out she’d appreciate it, Michael is up for nomination so ask him how he’s feeling. Afterwards Sam says “I really needed that chat” (while pumping iron) “I really hope I don’t go this week, I’ve still got a lot to learn”.

Later on Stacey asks Ben how he went with chatting to Sam. Ben says “yeah he’s boring as bat shit, just kidding he’s lovely”. In the kitchen Ben relays the chat he had with Sam to Michael, Stacey and Josh. Ben says he’s happy with his little group and Stacey agrees. The whole group agrees there is an element of “oh I have to get along with everyone”, especially with Sam because he’s an intruder.

Michael has been called to the naughty corner again for repeatedly swearing. Inside he finds a canvas which he must paint one colour then watch the paint dry, and not look at anything else. Michael paints the canvas like a crazy abstract artist. He then paints his face all blue and makes jokes. While watching the paint dry, Stacey tries to distract him by pushing her buttocks up against the naughty corner glass wall.

Zoe has come to the diary room where she explains she’s noticing cracks in her friendship with Stacey. “I think I just need to take myself away from her when she gets a bit crazy, I just can’t be around crazy people all the time”.

Michael has drawn a duck into his blue canvas and is now talking about how pretty the duck is.

Sam and Layla are cuddling in bed and Sam discusses the conversation he had earlier with Ben. Sam says “I need to put more time into people, it’s hard being the intruder”. He feels glad he had the chat with Ben and tomorrow he will focus on spending time with Stacey.

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