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Day 53

4 October 2012

Posted by Tim

8.56am – Big Brother is waking housemates with bagpipes, to the annoyance of Michael and Stacey. Delilah jumps on Zoe to wake her up. Sam is already up and cleaning the house.

Later in the morning Ben and Stacey are lounging and both agree that to come into the house as an intruder would be difficult. They wonder how “Mr Potato Head” (Sam) is doing – Ben comments he isn’t really showing any signs of handling it good or bad.

Michael is in the diary room and Big Brother asks him who will win, but Michael doesn’t really know. A “dream result” would be if he was amongst the finalists.

The latest task deal comes through from Big Brother. The housemates only have to spend $1 more to pass the task, and this deal is the last one for the week. The offer is a group hug for $1. All housemates run and hug each other in the living room. Big Brother asks if they are satisfied with their purchase, and of course they are. They have passed the task and cheer, Delilah is looking very excited.

Afterwards Angie comes to the diary room and BB asks why Angie didn’t take the call from her Dad the day before (she hung up for the sake of the task). She says she knew it would have been held against her especially since Layla hung up on her aunty in the previous yes/no task. She goes on to say she wishes she had a break from being nominated because she needed that week to find her zen. It’s very stressful. “I’m happy and bubbly but this week hasn’t reflected it”.

3.41pm – Housemates are waiting for Angie to come back from the diary room before they do this week’s luxury shopping. Ben doesn’t think the process will go well so calls Josh aside, asking him to do shopping separately with Angie and Estelle. Layla won’t do the shopping when Angie is there because there is tension. Josh feels it’ll go ok.

Angie eventually returns and housemates notice she’s been crying. She walks into the store room without answering any of their questions. Estelle follows and behind the closed door Angie tells her that she really wanted to speak to her Dad. Estelle suggests she take a second to calm down. Ben puts his ear up against the door but it quickly opens and he runs away without being noticed. Estelle and Angie emerge with the shopping white board.

Angie: Ok I have the shopping letter here

Ben: Just a question first – why were you crying?

Angie: Oh I just had a debrief with Big Brother and he asked how her week is going and I said not that great.

Most of the housemates have agreed that Angie, Estelle and Josh will do all of the shopping this week. The rest leave, but Ben goes on to say that he’s not happy that Estelle pushes her way into being involved in shopping every single week.

After the shopping trio are finished Angie comes to find Ben who is lying behind the couch for some reason. She tells him they did a really good job and she’s pleased with the shopping. She goes on to talk about her third nomination in a row – she’s not coping and has cried a lot in the toilet by herself. Ben’s advice is that sometimes when Angie goes to do something she takes over “I can’t say that I’ve seen it myself, but I’ve heard”. Angie says she’s not being herself in the house and she feels like she’s being pushed to the outer and she doesn’t know why. Ben says “be really happy with who you are”. Angie announces that she doesn’t want to be ‘the Estelle’ who floats around trying to fit into a group.

Ben counsels Angie some more and she’s in a better mood afterwards.

6.01pm – Sam and Layla are chatting by the pool when Sam asks if she’d miss him if he was evicted this week. She says yes she would “because you are normal!” Sam goes on to say he can’t wait to go to Bali “see I’m only 21, I know once I start travelling I won’t come back”. Layla says he’d love England because they have the hottest girls in the world. Sam then goes on to talk about a really hot girl he once worked with – Brazilian, wears hot pants.

After the conversation Layla tells Stacey she feels her and Sam are moving into friend territory. “I thought I’d test the waters”. “It felt like he was emphasising things to really say they could talk about anything (as friends)”. Layla is glad that her and Stacey didn’t swap beds because she can now move back to her bed and not have to sleep next to Sam.

7.03pm – The nominees are all cooking the weekly family dinner. Michael keeps talking about being nominated and asks them all to mention why they think they were nominated:

Sam: maybe people haven’t gotten to know me or maybe think that I’m not being me.

Bradley: it could be twofold: 1. I am kind of a dick, I say some comments 2. I do not help out, they could also be a reason.

Angie: I think the housemates may not like me as much because I can tend to take over things when I get excited about doing stuff.

Michael: I think people find it difficult to get along with me because sometimes I can be a bit of a know-it-all and condescending.

Michael then suggests they talk about reasons why they think the other three people are nominated. Bradley says this is “brutally awesome”. Michael starts them off by saying to Angie to make a concerted effort to make it look like you don’t care as much. Bradley “there is nothing you can do because who you are is who you are” and you should collect plates when everyone is around (not just a few people). Sam should do the opposite and stop cleaning.

Angie tells Michael to stop being so hypocritical. For example he’ll borrow a toothbrush but flip out about the pork he cooked the other day (he had a fight with Angie about it).

After 8.54pm – Michael is called to the diary room. He’s won a video message from his brother via a poll on the Big Brother Facebook page.

His brother tells him his family all miss him (he jokes “I don’t”). They’re all proud of him.

Outside Ben asks Bradley if he’s ever cried in the house. Bradley says he was on the verge of tears after nominations last week and he didn’t want anyone to come and comfort him because “you put me up to this”.

Meanwhile Michael is crying in the diary room.

He says he didn’t think it would be hard to be away from his family for only this short amount of time. When he moved away from his family at a young age for school it was “the worst” but his older brother was always there for him. “Time just slows down in here”.

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